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Lughnasadh, August 1st

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Lughnasadh, also called Lammas, is the celebration of autumn and begins what is called ‘The chase of Lugh’. Lugh is the Celtic Sun God and he grows in the crops, lives in the golden fields.

This is the time for the first harvests. At this celebration we thank the Earth for its abundance and beauty. It’s from these harvests that we have food through the winter. To honor Lugh, games and sports are arranged to celebrate strength and good health. The grain goddesses Demeter and Ceres are also honored. This is the time to harvest the dreams which were planted earlier in the year.


All grains, grapes, heather, blackberries, sunflowers


Sandalwood, rose, aloe


Yellow, orange, green, brown


Corn dolls, weaved wheat, grain stalks


Bread, cider, blackberries, pie and jelly, rice, herbal tea


Make a corn doll for next Imbolc. This doll symbolizes the ‘Heart Goddess’ or the protective Goddess. Save the seeds from the fruits which are eaten during the ritual and plant them.

You need bread on the altar and a candle of the right color in each quarter. Place a cauldron decorated with grain by the candle in the east.

Hold a plate with fruit and bread and say:

‘I now give my thanks for a bountiful harvest. The seeds\ which were planted in spring have given life.’

Place the plate in front of the altar.

Dance around the circle, play instruments and sing.

Hold the bread high. Draw the energy of the Goddess down with this incantation:

‘O mighty mother of all, creator of all fertility,
Give us fruit and crop, herbs and children for the tribe,
So that we can be powerful. With your love rose you descend,
Into the body of your servant and priestess.’

Start the grain dance while you hold the bread as a holy object. Hold the bread with both hands and say:

‘In this way I give strength to my Lord
His energy is in this bread
A record of all life that has been
And all that shall come
I eat of this bread,
So that my Lord can go on living,
And so the wheel keeps turning.’

Eat some of the bread and say:

‘The light doesn’t die, it only changes form.’

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