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Miscellaneous herb magic

Candle Magic

Powder can be used for candle magic. If you’re performing f.ex. a money ritual, you anoint a green candle with a thin layer of vegetable oil, and then roll it in finely ground basil. You can also installl the oil itself with the properties of the herb.

Note: Make sure to put the candle on a fire proof surface, in a safe place to avoid fire. Never let a burning candle out of your sight.

Miscellaneous Herb Magic

Growing Magic

Plant an herb under ritual forms for a specific purpose and let the power take up residence in the plant. At the same pace that the plant grows, your magic grows. Take good care of the plant, to care for your goal and your wish.


If you’re outdoors, dried herbs can be thrown on the bonfire at the same time as you invoke the powers. It’s the magic of Air that’s at work. The winds accept your prayer as the smoke rises towards the sky.

Note: If the herb is poisonous, don’t inhale the smoke!


If you’re going to use certain herbs for dreams, you can sow the dried parts into a small cloth bag and put it under your pillow.

In the bath

You can take a bath in which you’ve poured an extract from herbs. This primarily advantageous for magic where you want to change something about your self. A less complicated variation is to make a face-lotion from the extract. Wash your face in the decoction.

Note: Don’t use poisonous herbs or herbs that can irritate the skin.


If you have aroma diffusers, you can use both dried herbs and essential oil. Fill it with water and drip some oil into it – or sprinkle some suitable herbs over the water. Let a tea light warm the water and make it evaporate.

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