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Main course: Pumpkin Pie
Dessert: Apple Cake, Cranberry Muffins
Drink: Absinth, Apple Cider


Main course: Fried Turkey
Dessert: Tosca Cake, Orange Dessert
Drink: Mulled Wine, Apple Cider
Trimmings: Caraway Buns


Main course: Curry Casserole
Dessert: Ice Cream
Drink: Spiced Wine, Water
Trimmings: Baguettes


Herb Bread with sunflower seeds and cheese, Egg Salad, Cocoa.


Main course: Anita’s Salad
Dessert: Egg Cream
Drink: May Mead
Trimmings: Tea Cakes, Honey Cookies


Fruit Salad, Mead, Fruit Punch.


Main course: Risotto
Dessert: Blackberry Pie
Drink: Blackberry Cider
Trimmings: Dark bread


Main course: Swedish mashed turnips with suitable meat dish
Dessert: Apple Pie
Drink: Apple Cider

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