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Tarot Readings

Business Fortune Finder

If you’re like most of the women entrepreneurs I work with, you’re not always sure what to do to get started with a bang every week. Finding advice is easy, but quality advice that fits your soul is a lot harder to come by.


Insight & Direction Reading

In an Insight & Direction Tarot Reading, the focus is on finding answers, guidance, insight, and direction for you, using Tarot.

Rapid Resolve Tarot Reading

In a Rapid Resolve Reading, you get answers that are short and to the point. This option is best if you want some quick clarity, you have a straightforward question, or to find out what a Tarot reading is like, in case you haven’t had one before. $27

3-Card Themed Tarot Readings

These are Tarot readings for specific themes, making it easier for you to pick the right one. If you’re looking for the ones themed for special occasions, look further down on the page.

All are $27

Tarot readings

How I do readings

  • I get the instructions from you (if you want a question answered, choices you have to decide between, a general reading etc.)

  • I then pull a number of cards suitable for the instructions (3-5 for the Rapid Resolve Tarot Readings, 7 and up for an Insight and Direction Tarot Reading)

  • I interpret the cards and jot down some keywords

  • We then meet over Skype and talk about what I get out of the cards.

I use the Vikings Tarot deck to provide guidance on all aspects of your life; business, investments, relocation, career, education, choices etc. Advice from Tarot is usually detailed but can be a bit unclear. Clarity usually develops with time, for example after a good night’s sleep.

NOTE! I do not read on the following subjects:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Disaster
  • Love

I have over 20 years of experience in doing Tarot readings, and if you’d like to read what some previous clients have said, you can do so here:


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