May You Have a Merry Jul

By whatever name you call the holiday related to the solstice (I call it Jul), have an amazing time and a lovely celebration!

You Can Get a Free 1 Card Tarot Reading Today

Are you on Facebook? If you are and you join me on my page, you can get a free 1-card Tarot reading today. I'll be using my own deck to pull cards for the first 10 who comment with a question/theme for the reading. This offer is valid until midnight CET/6 pm ET/3 pm...

Happy Lughnasadh!

If you celebrate this holiday, if you call it Lughnasadh/Lammas or something else, whenever you celebrate and however you do it. Have a wonderful celebration!

All Things Pagan Radio is back!

All Things Pagan Radio is finally back on the air! There’s a new website and we have a new logo this year. The website is also connected to a Pagan social media: Pagan Circles

The Arthropoda Tarot Deck is Available

The first printing of the Arthropoda Tarot Deck is on it’s way here. Getting it printed took a lot longer than I’d planned but the first ones will arrive soon. The time frame the printer gave me was that they’ll arrive between July 17 – July 20.

Happy Solstice!

No matter what you call it or where on Earth you are Have a wonderful Solstice celebration!

Unique Amulet Bags Created Especially for You

I would like to take some time to explain how I make these amulet bags, and what I use when I make them. Since it's not really obvious from the images and I thought you would like to know 🙂 The materials I use for the bags themselves are usually 100 % natural, mostly...

Gathering fellow Pagans is fun

As you may have noticed from the stuff I've been sharing, I was at a gathering over the weekend. We had a wonderful time and the weather was amazing the whole weekend. Coming home from a gathering like that feels, in some ways, sad. They're such wonderful...

Intuitive Readings

If you're looking for guidance, leave your email and I'll send you information about my intuitive readings.

Intuitive Readings

The information is on its way

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