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Rune Readings

Full Cast Reading

Full rune cast ($37)

Triple Guidance Reading

Three rune spread ($17)

Rune Readings

The runes I use for the rune readings are symbols used during the early Iron age in Northern Europe. The runes give a more direct answer than for example Tarot or Cartomancy, but less detailed. It’s also possible to ask Yes or No type questions.

I use the symbolism of the runes to interpret messages from my intuition, and I’ve been doing this kind of divination for over 20 years. My preferred rune set is my homemade, wooden rune set made from twigs from my apple tree, and I use it to provide guidance on all aspects of your life; business, investments, relocation, career, education, choices etc.

If you’d like to read what some previous clients have said, you can do so here:


I do not read on the following subjects:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Disaster
  • Love

Intuitive Readings

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Intuitive Readings

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