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Copper Wand

To make a copper wand, you need the following:

  • Copper tubing 1 – 2 cm (~1/2 or 3/4 inch) wide, at a comfortable length for you; this can be cut at the hardware store.
  • A Cap the same size as the tube
  • Leather strips for wrapping or Sheepskin, cut into long strips
  • Herbs – You may wish to have these correspond to the planets, or to their specific purpose; you may number them in threes or nines; whatever you wish.
  • Stones or Crystals – Crystal Points, one if you plan to use the copper cap at the bottom, two for a double-terminated wand.
  • Suede lacing (optional)
  • Decorations – These can be conchos, charms, carved stones, beads of wood or glass, jewellery; let your imagination run wild!
  • Wax to hold the crystal snug in the wand tip(s)
  • Glue, to secure the leather strip(s)
  • Permanent marker or fabric paints, of any colour, for letters, runes, etc.
How to make the wand:

Some folk leave the wand bare, with no leather binding at all, but I find the smell of copper disturbing, plus, over time, it will discolour or stain your hands. If you like verdigris, go for it! Cap the tubing at one end, fill with herbs and stones, oils if you like; anything which you feel will aid in making it yours alone.

If you fill the tube fairly tightly, the wax cap will stay in place that much better, but some like the sound of movement within the wand, rather like a rainstick. Cap with warm wax; this may be a small candle stub, or melted wax poured in on top of the filling. While still warm, set your crystal in the wax and let harden. (If you are making a double-terminated wand, be very careful, and do this one at a time!)

Starting at the crystal end, wrap the leather strips around the wand in a spiral pattern, securing with strong glue at both ends. Wrap the lacing in a criss-cross pattern, again, starting at the crystal end, and tie at the bottom, after wrapping around once or twice. Decorate with stones, beads, and markings as you see fit. Consecrate your new wand as your tradition dictates, and it’s ready to use.

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