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Imbolc, February 2nd

Imbolc or Imbolg celebrates the coming of spring. The word ‘I mbolc’ is commonly thought to mean ‘in the belly’, and that’s because the sheep are pregnant at this time This was considered a safe sign that spring was on its way. Even though the days are getting longer it’s still winter. This is a time to start anew and for growth. Think about your goals and dreams for this year. Greet the pregnant Mother Goddess and say thanks for Her soon giving birth to spring.



Snowdrop, laurel, heather, the first flowers of spring.


Rosemary, cinnamon, wisteria, Frankincense, myrrh


White, orange, red.


Lamps, brooms, yellow flowers.


Dairy, curry, onions, chives, spiced wine, seeds, herbal tea.


Simple Imbolc Ritual for Solitaire
You need a doll made out of grain and dressed as a bride, a Priapus wand (a wand with an acorn on top), and a lit candle in a cauldron placed in the south, and some branches of evergreen plants by its side.

Preparation of the bridal bed: Dress the grain doll in white cloth and any other decorations. Place it in a basket or on a rug. Put the Priapus wand across the doll and place two altar candles on either side of the basket.

Say: The bride has come, the bride is welcome. (Three times)

Take your broom and brush the circle deosil (clockwise) then put your broom back in its place behind the altar. Kneel before the cauldron. Pick up the branches, set them on fire one by one. Blow out each flame and place the branches in the cauldron by the candle.

Say: I banish winter. I greet spring.
Say goodbye to all that is dead and greet every living thing.
I banish winter. I greet spring.

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