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Candle Magic

Ever since the prehistoric hunters ‘diskovered’ fire, man has been fascinated by the power of it. The ancient tribes danced and sang around the campfire hoping to invoke the spirits. Fire was also linked to the gods.

In Greek mythology, for example, fire belonged exclusively to the gods, until Prometheus stole the holy flame and gave it to man. The flame has symbolized change, purification and sacrifice, and been used as a magic tool for a long time. By burning a candle for example of a color associated with specific things, you can get your innermost wishes fulfillled.

Coloured candles can be good magic tools, but candle magic in its current form is relatively new. Coloured candles, as we know them, have only been available for the last 30 years. The earlier candles were mostly white.

Candle Magic

Plant colors used to dye candles has until recently been a rarity, and only red, orange and yellow has been available. It was generally difficult to find green, blue and purple or violet. This tells us that no witch from the Middle Ages used, for example, purple or blue candles in her magic.

Until the 1600’s, the candles were made from animal fat. They often smoked a lot, crackled and didn’t smell very nice. Only the wealthiest could afford the more rare candles which were made from beeswax. They started to use stearine as late as the 1900’s and stearine candles appeared on the market in the 60’s.

So, if you find a book where it says that for example, the Egyptians used something like blue stearine candles to establish contact with spirits or that others used silver and gold candles to represent the God and the Goddess, this is as far as I can tell misinformation.

But in today’s magic, we often use colored candles to get more of a ‘system’ when it comes to wishes and magics. But white can also be used.

Selena Fox, a Wiccan priestess, advises people to choose the color of the candle to suit what they wish to achieve. A golden candle for economic gain as an example. A pink one for romance – but there are no fixed rules here. If someone feels that green is better than gold, they can use the green one instead. And many candles can be lit at the same time if you have more than one wish. You can use candles with different shapes. F.ex. heart shaped ones for love…

(You can also decorate your candle with pressed herbs). The ceremony should preferably be held in a quiet place where the candles can be burned safely, well away from curtains and other flammables. Candle magic works best during a full moon. You can also anoint the candle. Many of those who do candle magic take a bath first, as a cleansing. Some use incense. And you need to empty your head of disturbing thoughts and only focus on the things you want to achieve. You can start with a request for blessing and guidance before you light the candle.

Say this three times: Holy candle, holy flame, help me reach my goal.

Then, for about 5 minutes, repeat one of these sentences which suites what you want to achieve, use a suitable candle. Afterwards you should say some thankful words before the candles are put out. Don’t blow them out, use a snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch them out.

Sentences for candle magic
Red, for vitality, creativity and passion: Vitality! Vitality! Vitality! Let the power of passion rise within me!
Orange, for safety and power of resistance: I will overcome obstacles! I will reach my goal!
, for happiness, success and improved self image: Happiness and joy, come to me. I deserve it!
Blue, for inner peace and friendship: May peace be inside me and around me.
Gold, for wealth and generosity: Money and wealth, come to me, so that I become wealthier and thereby can be more generous towards others.
Silver, for intuition and dreams: Insight, dreams and intuition come to me, and bless me with wisdom and self understanding.
White, for cleansing, protection and unity: I am cleansed. I am protected. I am one with the white candle and the divine health.

Decorating candles with pressed herbs

You need some dried herbs, flowers and leaves. White and colored candles – pressed herbs – a bowl – a small pot – paraffin wax (or some short ends of white candles) – a small brush – pins – news paper.

This is how to do it:
Attach the dried herbs and flowers with pins to the candle. Warm the paraffin, or candles stumps, in a bowl over the Boiling water in the pot. Paint the melted wax over the herbs with a small brush, carefully but fast, and with long strokes. Remove the pins. When you light the candles, the colors of the herbs will appear clearly.

Candle magic

It can be done simply or more elaborate, and there are different kinds of candle magic. There’s astrological candle magic, tarot candle magic and a heap of other kinds. The color of the candles is very important in modern candle magic. Candle magic works best for thing which happen over a period of time (f.ex. healing). It can mean that you do the ritual over several days, a week or a month.

You need two candles: one which symbolizes the purpose of what you want to do, and one which you use to light the first one with, a wishing candle. You hold the candle you going to use in your hands, and use about 10 minutes to concentrate on what you want to achieve. Consecrate the candle by letting it pass through the four elements (air (incense), fire, water and earth).Then you anoint the candle (the fifth element). The anointing of the candle is one of the most important parts, besides the actual burning. Choose an oil which suites the occasion, or a purely cleansing oil (f.ex rosemary oil).

Take a couple of drops in the palms of your hands and rub it onto the candle from the middle and out towards the ends, while you visualize the purpose and at the same time se and feel that your own energy flows into the candle through your hands. You can also carve something into the candle before you anoint it, f.ex. the name of the one you’re doing it for, or other tings you come to think of. You can also use differently colored candles. If you’re not sure which color to use, you can use a white candle. White and blue is good for healing. Red is used to get more energy and coming out more (of your self) into the world, and of course for love. If you’re going to start something new or to make something grow, the color is green.

Purple can be good if the purpose is of a more spiritual nature. It’s smart to use a permanent wishing candle. You consecrate this candle the same way as earlier described, and then use it to light other candles.

When you, after having anointed the candle, light it with the wishing candle, you can say a spell, sing something or do something else to express or strengthen your purpose. To get maximum effect from this, it’s best to do it right before you go to bed, or right before what you do it for, go to bed and preferably during a waxing full moon.

The color of the candles has a great influence on the candle magic. Here are some of the colors and some of the things they stand for:

White – Symbolizes peace, purity, innocence, divinity, honesty, transformation and is also associated with the moon.
Off-White – Peace of mind.
Red – The color of life and energy. Associated with blood, birth, death, fire, inspiration, vitality, love, aggression, fertility, mental energy, strength and courage. It’s also associated with the element Fire.
Pink – Positive symbol of love, warm emotions, romance, brings spiritual awakening, healing of the soul, femininity, friendship, familiar relations, moral and honesty.
Purple/violet – Spiritually and traditionally associated with mysticism, inspiration, wisdom, idealism, diligence, punishment or decisions, success, peace and power and defending your home.
Yellow – Creativity, intelligence, assertiveness and energy. It’s associated with clairvoyance, wisdom, friendship, balance, understanding, self-confidence, charisma, inspiration, creativity, and imagination. The power of concentration and communication. It’s also associated with the element Air.
Silver/gray – Removes negative energy or negativity and encourages stability, quiet, neutrality, balance and is associated with the supernatural and the energy of the Moon.
Indigo – Is used a.o.t to cleanse the soul and remove fear and anxiety.
Brown – ‘Down to earth’ color used to get money and financial success. Improves concentration, intuition, telepathy and the ability to learn. Psychic objects, animal healing, house and home. It’s also associated with the element Earth.
Blue – A calm and relaxing, spiritual color, a.o.t used to achieve wisdom and harmony, peace, inner light and truth, healing and meditation. Associated with inspiration, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, patience and loyalty, peacefulness, increases psychic abilities. It’s also associated with the element Water.

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