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Dream Pillow

A dream pillow is a nice gift if you don’t want it for yourself. Mix the following herbs in a bowl:

1 small cup of Mugwort
½ cup of Rose Petals
1/2 cup of German Chamomile
1/2 cup of Hop flowers
1/3 cup of Lavender
1/3 cup of crushed Cat Nip
1/4 cup of Peppermint

Mix well. Make a small bag out of a piece of cotton fabric that’s about 12 x 30 cm (~4.7 x 11.8″) in size. Fold the piece in half (so that you have a folded piece that measures about 12 x 15 cm (~4.7 x 5.9″)), and sew the two sides together. Turn it inside out, put in the herbs and sew the opening closed.

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