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Traditional Besom (Witches Broom)

A Besom, or round-shaped broom, is deeply linked to Witches and their magic, both in popular fantasy and in actual practice. Brooms were one of the “safe” tools of Witchcraft, meaning they were a necessary household object that could not be held up as evidence of Witchcraft in the clerical courts.

The besom is used as a wand to focus and direct energy, to sweep areas clean of negativity, to ground a finished circle, to protect the hearth, and for kitchen magic. Two crossed brooms were used in medieval Ireland to prevent negativity from entering homes through the fireplace or front door.

FIRST . . . you must obtain a 3 to 4-foot stick or dowel, 1 inch in diameter. This shaft can be painted or decorated. You will also need a small bundle of straw or broomcorn, approximately 16 to 20 inches long and some utility twine, about 2 to 3 feet.

NEXT . . . Lay the broomcorn or straw up against the bottom shaft of the stick. Cut straw approximately 4 to 6 inches longer than desired finished length.

NEXT . . . Approximately 2 inches above the end, tie twine tightly around straw and broom handle. You may wish to apply some craft glue to the lower 2 inches to help secure loose straw ends.

AND THEN . . . Bend the straws backwards over the tie. Secure with twine close to where the broom handle sticks out.

Besoms are great gifts for home decoration, magical protection, or both.

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