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Q: Do you do free readings?

I’ve had this question asked many times, also for other services, and the answer is no, except for the Friday Happy Hour on Blab, where I do free single-card readings for female entrepreneurs. I am not running this business as a hobby, and I believe that anyone who provides a service deserves to be repaid. In the past people traded for services, these days we use money to reimburse people for their work.

Q: How does a reading work?

The Tarot cards are a tool for my intuition. When you ask a question, I may get an intuitive response before pulling the cards, but I also draw intuitive messages from the imagery and symbols on the cards. Since every situation is different, each interpretation of the same card can be different too.

Q: What kind of question can I ask?

Any kind that doesn’t involve your death, an impending disaster, a divorce or personal love relationships. The best results often com from questions involving choices or getting clear on a specific area.

Q: Do you do love readings?

I chose not to do love readings because I don’t find them enjoyable.

Q: Is Tarot evil?

No, that is an old view created by some priests to scare people.



Q: What is a witch?

A witch is someone who chooses to practice witchcraft and who’s comfortable using that title.. It is not connected to religion. All religions have witches.

Q: Are you Wiccan?

No, I’m not. Wicca is one of many Pagan religions, but it’s not my path.

Q: What kind of witch are you?

I am an eclectic, heathen witch. This means I have my own take on heathenry (or Asatru) which supports my values. I don’t believe in black or white magic. The magic is the same, the intention with which it’s performed is what makes it acceptable or not. For more info on my personal path, check out this blog post.

Q: Do you ever curse or hex people?

No. I have no need to.

Q: Do you worship Satan?

Not at all. Only those who have a religion of Abrahamic origin believe that Satan exists. I don’t.  I do not worship any evil being, whatever the name. Nor do I believe in evil as an entity. I believe evil is in the actions of humans.

Q: Do you perform rituals?

I do, but my rituals are usually a lot simpler than the ones you can find in books and online.

Q: Is witchcraft evil

There’s nothing evil in witchcraft. The only evil may be found in the intention with which it’s done by some people, as it is with many other things.

Q: Isn’t witchcraft for the dark ages?

Witchcraft has been making a comeback and growing in popularity since the 50’s. It’s definitely part of modern society as a spiritual path and a craft.

Q: How does a witch fit into today’s society?

ll cultures and religions have witches (and there are witches without religion too). Each person fits it into their life in their way. Most of us live perfectly normal lives.

Q: Do you fly a broom?

I wish that would work, but it doesn’t. So no, I don’t 🙂

Q: Can I be a witch too?

Yes, you can if you want to.

Q. Do you teach witchcraft?

No, although I have friends who do. I teach herblore classes here, and creativity related classes on another site.



Q: Where can I find…?

If you see a recipe and you wonder where to find the ingredients, check if the name of the ingredient is a link. If it is, I’ve added that for you so you can find it. If not, just send me a message and I’ll find out for you. Some of the links are affiliate links, which means I’ll get a small amount of money because you used it to buy something. Which makes it easier to maintain this site.

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