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Amulets and Talismans

For the house

  • Angelica in the window and in an amulet bag brings peace, happiness and harmony.
  • A new wreath/garland of woodruff every spring gives good vibrations.
  • Heather brings silence and thought.
  • Roses in the window bring peace and happiness to your bed and bedroom, red roses bring passion and love.
  • Hide a bag of lavender at the foot end of your bed for a good sex life.
  • Sprinkle henna as a powder or as a weak scent around the bead for fertility and good sex.
  • Happiness and love: 2 parts woodruff, 1 part melilot, 1 part perforated st. john’s wort. Wrap it in a piece of green cloth or put it in a green bag and hang indoors or carry it with you.
  • A coin under the threshold during a new moon on new year’s eve brings food and prosperity to the house.
  • If you bury a non-stainless knife or similar under the door, quarrels can’t get in.
  • The horseshoe is a well-known amulet. With the open end up, it catches happiness, with the open end down, it’s the gate to happiness.
  • A balance wheel inside the door scares ghosts away.
  • The first time you enter your new house, you should bring 13 small coins and salt in green silk paper or cotton. Put it in a cupboard or on the altar.
  • For happiness in the house, put a piece of bit sourdough over the door after baking.

For the door

  • Hang a sprig of fresh dill over the door, tied with a blue cord (or red if you prefer), to stop those wanting to hurt you from getting inside.
  • Cross two pins and glue or tie them to a corner of the doormat, to stop evil from entering.
  • Grind dragons blood to a powder, sprinkle it on the door and the window frames, to protect your house from harms. Put a witch bottle where it can’t be found (or at least not easily seen)

For happiness

  • Anoint yourself with jasmine, lily of the valley or lotus oil.
  • Tonka beans or red beans carried in a small bag.
  • Viper skin
  • Stones (especially gemstones) with spots, the number 8 or drops.
  • Alum root
  • Tie 8 hazel nuts into a cross with gold or silver thread and wear around your neck.
  • Misteltoe and Holly in a red bag.

Wish amulets

  • Fern, Willow shoots that have grown near water, Mandrake or Holly in a bag of green silk.
  • 2 tonka beans in red cloth. Throw a bean over your shoulder and into running water before you make your wish.

Crisis handling

  • Wash in Rue oil (9 drops pr. hand-basin). Note! Never use this oil undiluted on skin.
  • Breath in the smoke from some Tansy and Savin Juniper. Avoid this during pregnancy.
  • Three nights in a row under a full moon; take gravel in front of a church door or dirt from a grave mound or a crossroad. Wrap it in cloth and carry it for a month.
  • Cut a piece of your nail, hair and clothing. Throw it onto a fire with a prayer for change of your karma.


  • Against violence: Rowan over the door.
  • Agains break-in: Place Junipers by the door and put a Juniper berry inside the keyhole.
  • Against theft: Weave a box out of Rowan branches gathered on Beltane to keep special things in.


  • Holly, Misteltoe and Elecampagne in a red bag for joy and love.
  • Strength amulet
    • Fly-Rowan
    • Devilsbit Scabious root
    • Spores/undeveloped leaves from Fern
    • Rue
    • Masterwort
    • Misteltoe
    • Borage
  • Protection and luck in everything: Mandrake, Masterwort, Misteltoe, Devilsbit Scabious.
  • Luck in fishing: Hawthorne
  • Against fear: Rowan stick in the pocket/open scissors/Nettle + Yarrow in a bag.
  • King Solomons seal on brown coal.
  • On wood:

To bind love for 7 years

9 dried Yarrows that were picked on a Thursday night under a waxing moon are tied with 13″ of copper wire. Give it as a gift and hang it over his bed.

Peaceful Sleep

Hang this over or next to your bed to sleep well and have pleasant dreams.

10 Cardamom seeds
1 tsp of salt
15 cloves
1?2 dl (~1.7 fl.oz) of dried Peppermint
1?2 dl (~1.7 fl.oz) of dried Rosemary
The dried peel off one Lemon.

Light a white and a pink candle and place them where you work. Crush the cloves, the cardamom seeds and the salt to a fine powder. Mix in the herbs and keep the mixture in small cloth bags. While you do this, think good, delightful thoughts. Then hang the bags by your bed while you speak these words:

‘Let me sleep – a peaceful sleep –
Let me be relaxd in body and soul.
Let my problems disappear and let me dream’.

Knot Magic amulet

Take a thread with the color that corresponds with what you want to bind. Pour the problem or wish into the thread. Tie a knot to symbolize ‘bound’. Bring it outside and let the wind take it. Go back inside and take a ritual/cleansing bath.

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