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Dream Catcher

This is not a recipe for a true Indigenous American dream catcher. This is for ‘new age’ and ornamental use.

Take a branch of a flexible wood and form a circle. Tie the ends together with a strong thread or yarn. Then take a thread of desired thickness and colour and tie it to the ring.

Wind the thread around the ring as shown in the picture. The further apart your revolutions are, the larger the holes will be. If you wish, you can tie a knot each time you go around the ring, so that the thread stays in place. You can also tighten it more than shown.

When you’ve completed a full lap around the ring, you continue by going through the loops from the previous round. (You shouldn’t tie knots this time.) Then you continue like this until you think it’s enough. It all depends on how large you want the hole in the middle to be. To finish, you pull the thread to tighten the web. Then you pull it through the last loops again and tie it off.

You can decorate your dream catcher with whatever you want. If you wish, you can match correspondences (color, crystals etc.) to a specific purpose, but you can also just use a shell, a couple of beads etc.

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