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Oh, That Witchy Feeling

This is advice for people who occasionally, or not so occasionally have trouble feeling connected with their ‘witchy‘. This gives suggestions that can help to induce those magic moments.

Decorative ideas

If you frequently have trouble connecting with your faith, it may help to redecorate your home, incorporating magical things into the decor. A bit like a drunken Martha Stewart.

  • prints of classical art
  • mirrors- very cool unless you’re a fan of Evil Dead 2 in which case you may want to avoid getting too close
  • plants – great for inviting the little people into your home
  • vivariums (living plants and animals in an enclosed eco-structure) – snakes are great, but newts are good too unless you have a problem with having eye of newt in your home
  • statuettes of gods, goddesses, gargoyles etc.- symbolism is great, just don’t get into too many phallic symbols or people will think you’re a pervert
  • snow globes
  • pictures of deceased family members – much more attractive than pictures of deceased family members
  • charms & talismans – well, duh
  • candles & oil lamps
  • quilts – both for your bed and as tapestries to hang on the wall.

Household altar

I figure we don’t really need to explain this to people who are already witches.


  • new age or world music – Enya, Micky Hart’s Planet Drum, and nature sounds CDs. If you like traditional Irish music, you can’t beat The Chieftains
  • classical – Vivaldi The Four Seasons, Yo-yo Ma’s Bach, cello, baroque stuff, Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries
  • punk rock – The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Misfits.


  • dressing by colour – to bring desired energies to you.
  • broomstick skirts
  • pagan jewellery – though wearing a pentagram when going out to Walmart with your Baptist mother isn’t really recommended and if you wear too much you run the risk of looking like Mr.T
  • moccasins – great for anyone whose magic has a Native American bend, but never try to wear water moccasins on your feet – hurts the toes. Snake keepers know!
  • poet shirts – but don’t wear these to a Nascar race or you’re liable to get a pummeling….even if you wear a baseball cap!
  • sandals
  • vests

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