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Tea Leaves

How do you do it?

The methods for reading tea leaves are very varied, men this is the most frequently used method. You boil the water and put the leaves straight into the cup. The person who is going to be read drinks the tea until there are only the leaves and a little tea left at the bottom. He or she stirs three times clockwise, turns the cup around and taps the bottom three times so that most of the leaves fall out. Then the reader takes the cup and reads the remaining leaves.

Tea Leaves

What can you learn?

Tea leaf readers say they can see what’s coming. Patterns in lines, animals, plants and objects all have their meaning. A straight line, for example, means planning and peace of mind. Two parallel lines mean that a rewarding journey lies ahead. A circle with a cross on top is usually a bad sign, for example being locked up against your wishes, maybe in a prison or a hospital. A tree means success and an acorn good health. The closer to the top of the cup it is, the closer the event is.

Here is a list of symbols and their meaning, but I personally feel that you shouldn’t put too much trust in these ready-made interpretations. But there may be some help in them, as long as you don’t diskonnect your intuition!

Acorn – Good health
Anchor – Travel
Arrow – Bad news in a letter
Balloon – Rising problems
Banana – A business trip
Bat – Disappointments
Bee – Meeting friends
Bells – Good news
Bird – Good luck
Book – Awakening, knowledge
Boat – Visit from a friend
Branch – New friendship
Butterfly – Happiness
Cat – Betrayal
Cauldron – A friendly home
Chair – Unexpected guest
Circle – Love
Clock – Get well
Clouds – Doubt
Coins – Repayment of debt
Crab – Enemy close by
Cross – Trouble
Cup – Success
Diamonds – An expensive gift
Dagger – Danger from enemies
Dog – Faithful friends
Donkey – Patience is needed
Dove – Good fortune
Dragon – Changes
Dream – Gossip
Egg – Fertility
Envelope – News
Eye – Be careful
Face – New friends
Fish – News from far away
Feather – Test hard
Flag – Danger
Flowers – Love, honor, respect
Fork – Diversion from a goal
Frog – Rising at work
Giraffe – Misunderstanding
Glove – Happiness and honor
Goat – Misfortune
Goose – Invitation
Grapes – Fun with friends
Guitar – Romance is approaching
Gun – Danger
Hammer – Hard work
Hand – Friendship
Hat – New job
Horn – Abundance
Horseshoe – Good fortune
House – Stability
Lace – Fragile material
Ladder – Movement
Leaf – Good fortune
Lion – Helpful friends
Lizzard – Hidden enemies
Moon – Love
Kangaroo – Unexpected journey
Key – The solution to a mystery
Keyhole – Unwanted news
Nest – Protection
Owl – Bad health
Parrot – Disturbance
Pig – Party
Pipe – New ideas
Question mark – Change
Rainbow – Good fortune
Ring – Marriage
Scissors – Anger
Shoes – Change
Snake – Anger
Star – Good fortune
Sun – Happiness
Tree – Success
Triangle – Unexpected event
Vase – Loneliness
Wings – News
Waterfall – Abundance

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