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Airplane Spiritual awakening
Alien Part of self ignored or rejected
Angel Important message from spirit, listen carefully
Animal Instinctive part of self. Characteristics of animal
Boat Emotional
Boss Critic within. Can be helpful or destructive. Nature of relationship with own boss
Bus Many facets of self; great potential for personal growth
Car Self in life journey
Cat Feminine part of self; playful, independent
Cow Nurturing, sustenance
Deer Gentle, innocent. Failure to awaken strength, inner protection
Dog Masculine part of self. Loyalty. If vicious, need to redirect positively
Elephant Powerful part of self. Gentle, helpful. Can be destructive if angry
Fish Need for meditation
Horse Freedom, power, sexual energy
Lion Strength, power. Anger in self, fear of aggression
Rat Betrayal of self. Gossip, judging others
Apple Health, knowledge, wisdom
Baby New birth within self, new beginning
Baggage Unnecessary or excess clutter
Ball Wholeness, integration of conscious and unconscious
Bar Need for self-acceptance, irresponsibility
Beach Where conscious and unconscious meet
Bird Spiritual freedom
Blood Life force, energy
Boat Emotional self
Body Expression of self on earth, external form of internal nature
Bug Small annoyances
Burglar Something is robbing self of energy
Car You in daily physical life. Who is driving is in control. Going uphill, going right way; down hill, wrong way.
Cave Unconscious
Children Aspects of yourself; vulnerability, innocence, openness
Christ Heart center, love within
Circus Revisiting childlike pleasures
City Need for communication, cooperation with others, other parts of self
Climbing If upward, going right way; if down, going wrong way
Coat Protection or hiding self from others, covering up
Color Harmony in energy field
Corpse Part of self no longer necessary
Criminal Cheating, limiting self
Crown Good job! Praise
Dance Dancing around a problem; joy, happiness
Death Making way for new beginnings
Devil Lower, ignorant side of self
Doctor Inner healer, spiritual guidance
Doll Playing a role in life
Eat Nourishment needed. May be emotional, physical, mental, etc.
Faces If unknown, unknown part of self; face up to situation
Falling Loss of control in situation, low energy
Fence Obstacle to growth that needs to be overcome
Fire Life force, spiritual power
Flood Overwhelming emotions
Flower good growth, beauty, fulfilllment
Flying Free from physical limitations; spiritual journey
Fog Unable to see clearly
Friend Quality you see is projected from own self
Gate Opportunity , new possibility
Gift Initiation, job well done
God Higher self, love, light, truth, wisdom, creative power. All encompassing love
Helicopter Spiritual growth vehicle
Hiding Fear of facing parts of self, situations
Hill Opportunity for spiritual growth
House The self. Different rooms or areas represent parts of self.
Ice Frozen emotions, feelings, blocked from giving, receiving
Island Refuge, desire to run away
Jail Self-imposed barriers
Journey Exploration of self
Key Ability within self to open door to truth; wisdom
Kill Destroying parts of self
King Power, wealth of knowledge, awareness of self worth
Kiss Affection, warmth, communication
Knife Cutting away parts of self
Letter News, information, teaching
Light Wisdom, higher power. Ability to see and understand
Lock Closed off
Lover Integration of feminine, masculine. Desire for warmth, nurturing, connection
Machine Extension, utilization of natural power
Map Path you chose to follow
Marriage Bringing together ideas, people, aspects of self
Mask Different roles you play, faces worn. Hiding self, dishonesty
Maze Confusion, feeling lost. Always of own making.
Meadow Place of rest, relaxation and safety
Mirror Self meeting self; could mean being critical, need to examine self instead of others
Money Changes coming into your life
Monster Fears of your own making
Moon Security, inner peace, romance, love, creativity, inspiration, intuition
Music Healing, creative flow of life
Nightmare Nightmares are teaching dreams. Higher self trying to get your attention. Symbols aren’t frightening, just a way for you to remember
Numbers Each number has a spiritual meaning, special message. Add double-digit numbers together to achieve single digit
Nun Teacher, spiritual qualities within self
Ocean Enormous emotional energy
Orgasm If reach orgasm in dream, may indicate need to release sexual energy
Package If sent to someone, giving away part of self; if received, getting in touch with unknown part of self
Party Celebration of growth achieved
Passenger Not in control of your direction, going along for the ride
Path Direction in life. Going up is right direction, down is wrong
Penis Power, aggression, impregnating with ideas
People Many different aspects of self. Rarely represents actual person.
Postman Message or dream is coming
Queen Guidance, leadership, powerful feminine qualities emerging
Rain Cleansing in preparation for emotional growth
Rape Losing energy. Allowing someone to sap energy, strength
Relative Feminine or masculine qualities and aspects of that individual you identify with. Rarely represents actual person, only aspects of self.
Restaurant Many options for sustenance, nurturing. Need for fellowship
Right Right side of anything is giving, creativity, intuition. If turning right, going in right direction
River Flow of your own life
Road Direction in life. If paved, smooth going; condition of road is how you are creating your life now. Going up hill, right direction; down, wrong; up and down, reacting to things, not making progress. If come to a fork in road, about to face major decision
Run Running away, not ready to face or deal with situation. To gain insight, turn and face pursuer. Facing a fear dissolves it. Running towards something, eager to begin new growth.
School Life is school. Lessons never change until you learn them
Scissors Cut out what is not beneficial
Seed New beginning, potential
Self Past or present life roles. All people in a dream are aspects of the self
Sex Merging of energies. When having sex with particular person, blending of that person’s energies, qualities with self.
Skeleton Emptiness, spiritual deadness. Not in touch with feelings, emotions
Snake Life force. Central higher self energy
Spouse Female or male part of self. Qualities you project on spouse. Nature of relationship with own spouse
Soap Clean up your act
Stairs Direction in life. Condition, direction you are going. If up, right direction; down, wrong
Store Great inner resources, opportunities
Stranger Aspect of self not familiar with yet
Suicide Killing off aspects of self, creativity. Giving up, not facing problem
Swim Learning emotional lessons
Telephone If making call, asking for help, understanding. Receiving, message from higher self
Tree Symbol of individual growth, development. Notice condition, health. How deep are the roots? Is the tree healthy? Are there leaves?
Tunnel Passageway through levels of consciousness
Vagina Receptivity, openness, growth, creative force
Vampire Sucking energy from others or having energy drained
Vehicle You.
Wall Blockage, obstacle
Wallet Identity
Water Emotional energy
Weapon Misuse of energy
Wheel Eternal circle, self meeting self
Window Seeing beyond current situation
Witch Part of self needing change
Zipper Closing or opening something
Dream Interpretation

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