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Recommended reading on the subject of Asatru

With help from good, heathen friends, I’ve put together a list of recommended reading on the subject of Asatru and the life of the Norse people. There’s too much bad info out there so I wanted a trustworthy list. Just remember that this isn’t dogma or holy texts. Even though some of these are very old, they were still written down by people with another way of life. Their views will have affected the way they were taken down.

If any sources you read speak of Freyja as only a love goddess, say only people with Scandinavian blood can be heathen, or if they tell you what to believe or do, or how to do it. Be very sceptical, and preferably just drop them immediately.

The Eddas by Snorri Sturlasson (Read with scepticism because they were written by a Christian that would get in trouble if he wrote something the church didn’t like + some translations are a bit sloppy). has some translated texts

Heimskringla (King sagas from Norway)

The Icelandic Sagas

Preben Mørkbak – “Eirik Raude” (fact-based fiction)

Tor Åge Bringsværd – “Den enøyde” (fact-based fiction, haven’t found a translation)

“Grimms Germanische Mytologie” (a bit outdated)

Preben Meulengracht Sørensen – “Fortelling og ære” (haven’t found a translation)

Diane Paxon – Essential Asatru (It’s not great but ok)

Gro Steinsland “Norrøn Religion” (haven’t found a translation)

Neil Gaiman – “Norse Mythology” (haven’t found a translation)

Thomas Dubois – “Nordic Religions in the Viking Age”

Christopher Abrams – “Pagan Religions of the North”

Rudolf Simek – “Dictionary of Northern Mythology”

Michael J. Enright – “Lady With A Mead Cup”

Jon Hnefill Adalsteinsson – “A Piece of Horse Liver”

Anbefalt lesing åsatro

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