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Yule Log

To make a Yule log, get your hands on a very large log that will continue to burn for three or more days. Decorate the log by whipping up melted paraffin with a hand beater until fluffy but spreadable. Use dabs of this on the log to secure fir and cedar boughs, pine cones, mistletoe, rosemary, holly or other festive greens. Set it ablaze and, as the flames crackle and dance, enjoy a warm cup of cider next to your cosy hearth.

If you don’t have a fireplace you can still enjoy the essence of a Yule log by making a Yule Candle. Remember, the purpose of a Yule log is to bring nature’s inherent magic into your household – it refreshes the home’s energies and reminds us of the continuing growth and life of the Earth.

Buy the largest, fattest red candle you can find. With an ice pick or similar tool, carve a figure of the blazing sun on the side of the candle, and then place it in a holder or on a heat-proof tray. Ring its base with holly, pine, mistletoe, cedar, rosemary, bay, juniper, and other evergreen plants. Burn the candle on Yule evening. If you want it to burn all night, place it in a cauldron or a large bowl and ring the cauldron itself with the festive greens.

Either a Yule log or a Yule candle makes a wonderful and very original hostess gift. Enjoy!

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