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Ostara, Spring Equinox

Ostara celebrates the true arrival of spring. It marks the day when day and night are in balance. Ostara is another name for Eostre, which is a Germanic goddess. She’s the one who’s honored in this sabbath. At this time of year the snow starts to melt, the days are warmer and longer. All around you see new birth, both for humans and animals. Life begins again. Now is the time to plant your seeds.


Honeysuckle, iris, peony, violet, all spring flowers.


Jasmine, rose, strawberry.


Green, yellow


Colored eggs, green and yellow jellybeans, rabbit decorations, spring flowers.


Seeds, green vegetables, spiced wine, muffins, fruits, hard boiled eggs.


Option 1
Cast a circle
Fill your cauldron up to 3/4 with water and let some white flowers (daisy or lily is fine) float on top.
Invoke the gods.
Turn to the north and say this (or similar):

‘Goddess and Mother! Hear me this day. The time has come for you to cast off your winter body and be reborn to the beauty of light and spring! The earth does no longer sleep with you as its ever watchful guardian. For the time of the shining maiden has come again.’

Close your eyes and visualize the sun as it reaches its lowest point on the other side of the globe. See the days grow longer and longer. Turn to the south and say this (or similar):

‘God and Father! You’ve grown strong under the Goddess’s loving and nurturing hand. Now it’s time for you to help the plants grow and take your rightful place as the Green Man. Blessed Be!’

Meditate over the God’s new place in the year wheel. Stir the water in the cauldron slowly and look as the flowers slowly start to spin. Stare down into the water and see life’s rebirth in the spring.
Thank the gods.
Close the circle.

Option 2
Even though you can perform this ritual at any time, the best time for a ritual at this time of year is at sunrise. After all, it’s the goddess of dawn you’re invoking. Maybe the ritual is more powerful if you do it at the first dawn after the equinox.

Prepare the altar so that you have a working area protected from possible spills, for example by placing the materials on a tray. Place a candle with the right color in each quadrant (yellow for east/air, red for south/fire, blue for west/water, green for north/earth). Place a pack of seeds next to each candle. Place a white candle on the altar for Ostara together with a censer, incense, a feather, salt, a small bowl, a pitcher of water (enough to fill the bowl and water the plants) and a pentacle. Because you probably will be performing this ritual indoors (if you don’t live in a warm climate), a diskrete incense is best.

Pour some of the water in the bowl, mix it with salt. Let the rest of the water stay fresh in the pitcher. Cast the circle in the way you normally do. Use the salt mixture and incense to cleanse and dedicate your ritual area. Invoke the watch towers by lighting the candles in each quarter. Pick up the seed pack move it in a circle (clockwise) around the candle at the same time as you invoke the element. Bring the seed pack with you to the next candle and finally back to the altar:

Power of Air, spring breeze come.
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me so that I can grow
In knowledge, balance, clarity.

Power of Fire, warmth of the sun
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me so that I can grow
In courage, will, integrity.

Power of Water, flood of life
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me so that I can grow
In love, compassion, empathy.

Power of Earth, new life awakens
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me so that I can grow
In diskipline, strength, stability.

Invoke Ostara at the same time as you light the white candle on the altar:

Ostara, Maiden of spring I call you
Radiant, fresh presence, come to me
Bless these seeds and me also
To grow in health and energy
Lead me to my highest good
This is my will, so mote it be!

Move ever seed pack three times around the Ostara candle. Focus on your own growth in energy, health, and soul at the same time as you help your seeds grow by planting them and watering them with fresh water from the pitcher. When the plants are in the ground, take a deep breath and hold your hands as a roof over the flame of the white candle. Feel the heat and energy while you slowly move your hands outwards. Focus and then pull the energy down towards the plants.

Send it down into the soil and the seeds.

After you’ve thanked Ostara and the watchers of they four elements, and closed the circle. Put the plants in a sunny window and water them when it’s needed. Plant them in the soil outdoors when they’ve grown enough and the weather is good enough for it. While you see them grow, renew your energy and your commitment to growing in goal and soul.

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