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The Norse

Since I myself follow the old Scandinavian tradition which is by some called Heathenry, Fornsiðr, or Asatru, I wish to provide an overview of this, in addition to the mix of information from Pagan traditions you otherwise find here.

Most of those who follow the Norse tradition celebrate the three major blóts: Haustblót, Jól/Midwinter Blót and Sigrblót. Some also celebrate a number of smaller feasts. This was also done in the old days. Since the Norse ways were more a tradition than a religion in today’s meaning, there was no dogma, and no one was forced to follow a certain practice. Although those who didn’t celebrate blót were looked down upon.

Dates and other information may vary since not all sources agree. But within Scandinavia, the sources are pretty consistent. I choose to rely on these, since the tradition, after all, is Scandinavian.

Note! I’m not saying that this is the ‘right’ way. Everyone finds their own way. This is just an overview of the Norse year. I wish I could follow it fully, but I rarely have the opportunity to do so. I suspect that there are others that share this lack of time, so to you I say that it is possible to simplify without it being ‘wrong’. The main thing is honor and respect. Do what you feel is right, but don’t be sloppy and disrespectful.

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