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An amulet to support your daughter

Do you want your daughter’s new year to start off in a good way?

Does she need help in an area?

Does she have qualities you want her to keep as she grows up?


I create these beautiful amulets for daughters, specifically tailored to support your wishes for your daughter and helping her overcome the obstacles she encounters.

An amulet to me is a magical object created to support you in a specific area of life. Amulets are a combination of magical properties and a physical reminder for you.

Some examples of properties you can include are:

  • speak her mind
  • stay true to herself
  • stay creative
  • stand up to those who try to make her change
  • become a strong, independent woman
  • patience
  • confidence
  • healing
  • courage
  • strength
  • abundance
  • charisma
  • spiritual connection

There are many more, as many as you can think of. An amulet can also be part of a baby blessing or wedding blessing.

Confidence, courage, grounding and stress reduction.

This amulet was made to support the wearer in the areas of confidence, courage, grounding and stress reduction.

Persistence, finding support, time-management, and energy.

This one was made for persistence, finding support, time-management, and energy.

The bottle is made of glass with a cork stopper. It’s hung on a leather strap using an eye hook and a jump ring. It can be worn comfortably inside her shirt or adorned further to wear on the outside.

I make these amulets using runes, herbs, stones, and oils with specific properties. Each amulet is custom made, so I’ll need to talk to you before you can buy one. I’m using my 20+ years of experience to get them just right for your daughter.

This is not one of those diskovery sessions meant to sell you something expensive because that isn’t how I roll. I will suggest a solution, but there will be no pushing. We’ll be talking to each other and working on finding the best possible solution for your daughter.

You may choose to create the amulet yourself. In which case, I will send you the instructions to make it. Or you may choose to ask me to create it for her, using my experience in the field. Either way, you will walk away with a result, and what this is will be your choice.

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