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Beltane, April 30th – May 1st

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Beltaine or Beltane also called May Day. At this time of year, life renews itself. Birds and animals mate. New seeds start to grow. Large bonfires are lit to honor fertility deities, some jump over the fires to show their joy of life.

A maypole is erected with colored ribbons. The Maypole is a phallic symbol and represents the masculine. The soft, colored ribbons are the feminine. The union between the two symbolizes the union between the God and the Goddess. This is a time to work towards the goal of your dreams. The legend says that children who are conceived during Beltaine are gifted by the gods.


Honeysuckle, St. John’s-wort, hawthorne , all flowers.


Frankincense, lilac, rose.

Beltaine Incense
3 parts frankincense
2 parts sandal wood
1 part woodruff
1 part rose petals
A few drops of jasmine oil
A few drops of neroli oil


Green, soft pink, blue, yellow.


Maypole, garlands of flowers or pearls, ribbons, spring flowers.

Ritual potpourri for Beltaine
45 drops of frankincense oil
1 cup of oak moss
1 cup of dried bellflower
1 cup of dried lilac
1 cup of dried marigold
1 cup of dried meadowsweet
1 cup of dried rose buds and leaves
1 cup of dried cowslip

Mix the frankincense oil with the moss, and then add the rest of the ingredients. Mix it well and store in a tight ceramic or glass container.


Dairy products, oatmeal cookies, cherries, strawberries, wine, green salad.


Option 1
A small Maypole made from fresh branches and flowers, tied with red and white ribbons. These symbolize the union between masculine and feminine. A light-green and a red candle.

Light the light-green candle first and then the red. Greet the element Fire at the same time by saying:

‘Hail Father Fire,
Who is connected
With love
And fertility.
I call you to me.’

Stand in front of the altar, lift the maypole over your head and say:

‘I salute creation
And the union between
Night and Day,
Heaven and Earth,
As nature
Rejoices and sparkles
Of colors and life.’

Eat some of the gifts to become one with Beltaine.

Option 2
This can be done either indoors or outdoors, choose your plant to suit the location. This is a good time to plant a tree.

Necessary altar accessories:
Tobacco or sage
Tree, plant or seeds
Some soil
A flowerpot or prepared soil
A tub, bucket or basin of some kind if you’re indoors, which is big enough to use for re-planting and watering.

Wet the soil a bit so you don’t need to water as much. Dig a hole if you’re planting outside.

Cast the circle as you normally do.

‘I have come to nourish and add something to our Mother, the Earth by planting and caring for one of her children. By this I show my love to Her and humanity. I have come to bring forth new life to the service of our Mother and Father. For the biggest of blessings is service.’

Smudge the plant, crystal, soil and any fertilizer, feather and everything which is going into the flowerpot/hole with ash. Meditate with the crystal for a while over the purpose of the ritual. Afterwards:
(You can replace the deities with your own if you want.)

(Put some soil in the pot/hole)
Grandfather Eagle, Bless this Child of Earth with clean air for growth.

(Put the feather in the pot/hole)
Grandmother Rabbit, Bless this Child of Earth with passion for growth.

(Put some ash from the container in the pot/hole. Place the plant in the hole with dirt half way up.)
Grandfather Bear, Bless this Child of Earth with enough water for growth.

(Pour water in the hole, save some for the conclusion of the ritual)
Grandmother Buffalo, Bless this Child of Earth with enough food for growth. (Add any fertilizer and water if needed.)

Great Spirit, Bless this Child of Earth with your protection. (Put tobacco/sage in the pot/hole.)

Mother Earth, Bless this Child of Earth with your nurturing love. (Put the crystal in the pot/hole.)

Ancestors and Totem Spirit, Bless this Child of Earth with growth and your guidance. (Put some extra sage ash in the pot/hole.)

Fill the pot/hole with dirt.

If you want to sing a song or read poetry, do it now. Pour the rest of the water over the plant (don’t drown it) and say:
‘Blessed Be!’

Bless and eat your cookies and drink your wine. If you’re planting outdoors, give your offerings to the plant. If you’re indoors, put a crumb and a drop in the pot and take the rest outdoors. This is to prevent the sugar in the cookies from feeding mold or unwelcome bugs, which could kill the plant.

Close the circle as you normally do.

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