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Beer Candles

Beer candles aren’t candles made from beer or a candle you can drink, it’s a candle that looks like a glass of beer, and it can be a suitable gift to a beer lover.


A beer mug or pilsner glass, wire core wick, scent oil (optional), and the basic candle making products – wax, dye, etc… will be needed.

Step 1

Prime some wire core wicking and add a wick tab. It will need to be at least a few inches longer than the depth of the glass. Wrap the top around a dowel or pencil so that the tab is suspended slightly above the bottom of the glass. Set this wick assembly aside.

Step 2

Preheat the glass to about 65 C (150 F). This can be done in an oven or in hot tap water. Caution – use gloves or a pot holder when handling the hot glass.

Step 3

Prepare the wax mixture. I like to use 128/130 MP wax with no additives for these to get maximum translucency. Add dye until a nice beer colour is obtained. For these photos, I used a mixture of yellow and gold dye. A green dye may be used to make that St. Patrick’s Day favourite – green beer. Stir in scent if desired.

Step 4

Using gloves, remove the glass from preheating and immediately pour the beer wax in. Leave approximately 1-2 cm (1/2 – 3/4 of an inch) from the top. Insert wick assembly from step 1, making sure it is centred and the wick tab does not touch the glass.

Step 5

Relief holes should be poked near the wick as the candle cools. A repour may be needed to fill the shrink void, and care should be taken that the repour does not go above the level of the first pour. A smooth, flat surface is not required since the top will be covered.

Step 6

Once the candle is fully cooled, remove the dowel and stretch wick to full length. Prepare whipped wax. I find a very mushy consistency looks most like beer foam. When the proper consistency is attained apply by dropping onto the top of the candle with a spoon. I like to allow some top run over the side for more realism. Make sure the wick is still centred, and allow to cool.

Step 7

Enjoy your creation.

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