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Cauldron Candles

To make Cauldron Candles, you’ll need:

wax (left-over candles will work fine)
candle wicking (wicking from broken candles work fine, too)
coffee can and pan
pencils or chopsticks
small cauldron (optional)

Put the sand in the bucket and wet with water until it holds its shape when pressed. If you have a small cauldron, press it into the wet sand. If you DON’T have a small cauldron, use your fist to make the impression.

With a pencil (eraser end) make three indentations at the bottom of the impression – these will be the cauldron legs. Insert the candle wick into the bottom of the impression. Lay the chopstick over the top of the impression and set the wick against it so it will help support the wick once you pour the wax.

Put the wax into the coffee can and set the coffee can in a pot of boiling water until the wax melts. DON’T EVER LEAVE THE STOVE. Wax can catch fire! Wearing oven mitts, pour the wax into the impression in the sand. Allow it to cool thoroughly, taking several hours. When cool, scoop the candle out with your hand.

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