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Whipped Wax

You can make many fun designs with whipped wax. As always safety is important. You should read the safety rules before proceeding.


An egg whisk or hand held blender will be needed in addition to the basic candle making products – fat, dye, etc… Cornstarch is optional.


The exact wax formula used is not critical, and most wax will whip well. It can be white or coloured. Adding 1 tablespoon of cornstarch per pound will help the whipped wax adhere better.

  • Start by melting the wax to be used. Most waxes can be whipped, and I have not noticed much difference in results from different waxes or wax formulas.
  • Remove the wax from the heat source. Allow it to cool until a slight surface film forms.
  • Begin whipping the wax. my tool of choice for this is a wire egg whisk, but if you need to make large amounts a handheld blender should be considered. Whip until the desired consistency is attained.
  • Once whipped, the wax can be applied with a spoon, fork or stick. When cool enough, it can also be handled with your hands to shape it. It is best applied in a dabbing motion.
  • Once it is applied to the candle, it can be smoothed with your fingers if desired.
  • Allow it to cool fully.

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