I would love to have you as a guest on the blog, writing about your life as a pagan, tips for pagans, or anything related to the content of The Witch’s Library.

Why have Pagans guest blogging?

I’m posting this here because I’d rather have you as my guest than someone who writes for a living and emails me about it.A lot of people do, because the site gets approximately 4000 unique visits a month and they really want to make use of that traffic.

I want the blog to be relatable, interesting and inspiring for pagans and those interested in the subjects here. I don’t want it to be an ad platform.

So, what do you say? Want to write something for the library blog?

It’s ok if you write in a language other than English too, for example, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French or German. I can translate it 🙂

You will, of course, be credited in the post with a bio you write about yourself, an image of you (if you want one), and a link to where the readers can find you. That’s how I do it on my artist’s blog 🙂 and that’s how I will do it here too.


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