The Witch in the Valley Podcast - Let the kids touch your stuffIn this episode, I will talk about why you should let the kids touch your metaphysical items, the outcome of one of my Cartomancy readings, and I’m going to give you a prompt, something you can do easily and in a short amount of time, to get some magic into your day.

Caution and Disclaimer

A small caution. If you’re sensitive to language, I must warn you that the occasional swear word might slip through the cracks when I edit.

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  • I am not telling you to replace conventional medication. Remember
    that this is about magic and not physics, chemistry or something similar.
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Show Notes

Let the kids touch your stuff

I’ve come across a lot of witches, Tarot readers, rune readers, pendulum and crystal users saying you shouldn’t let anyone touch your stuff, and definitely not kids. This is something I strongly disagree with, but I’ll try to be tactful here.

I have never seen any change in how my items work after my daughter has touched them or played with them. I believe limiting them adds negative energy as well. If you’re one of those enforcing these limits, give it some thought. Acting frustrated or even angry when someone touches your metaphysical items can’t be a positive thing for the child or the items.

How are you going to awaken a positive interest in a child if they can’t touch them?

Kids are very tactile; they need to touch things to understand them better. Let them play with your crystals, cards, runes, and pendulums; they think they’re beautiful. My daughter especially loves a tumbled Quartz crystal. I keep finding it everywhere but where I put it last. She loves to look at my tarot decks, flipping through the cards and looking at the images. I’ve also let her pull cards for the weekly Tarot card.

How do you feel about this? Let’s start a diskussion about it on my facebook page. You can find a link to the page at the bottom of the page.

A Cartomancy Reading

I had the opportunity to do a cartomancy reading for one of the well-known psychics in Norway. She wanted me to do a general reading, so I didn’t get that many details, but she was happy with it. Here’s what I told her:

You’re heading into rough times, but after that it can only get better. Your practical plans and money have a tendency to disappear into thin air even if you’ve put a lot of work and energy into them. You may stumble badly if you get caught between to chairs so make sure to complete every single project before you start the next one.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes even if you might not have realized it yet. Possible travel plans risk being postponed at the last moment, but it all works out in the end. Disagreements arise at work because of some unforeseen circumstances. This creates delays but no lasting damage. If you ignore logic for a little while, you open up for a sudden glimpse of inspiration which can shed new light on all of your problems.

Don’t let fear control your decisions. When you allow the fear of what might happen take control of your life you make the present dull and dreary. This drains you of your strength and go-ahead spirit and invites more difficulties. Negative people attract negative situations, so with a different attitude you can avoid many of the difficulties you struggle with. Your fear is exaggerated and things will never get as bad as you think.

Her response to this was: What you wrote about my future matches what I myself know and take in. You’re good! I’m starting to get proper respect for these playing cards.

Tarot card for week 35

I’ve decided to move the Tarot card off of my main blog and keep it here, plus on the facebook page. It’s posted on the facebook page on Mondays, so you’ll get it before anyone else does.

This week’s card is The Moon, and in my deck it depicts Máni, the personification of the Moon in Norse Mythology.

The Moon often represents your subconscious and your darker sides, the ones you’d prefer people didn’t know about or you deny to yourself. The Moon calls attention to that, and asks you to become aware of any tendencies to project fear and anxiety onto your surroundings, and instead turn it around into more positive and constructive energy.

The Moon is very much about intuition and visions. Allow your intuition to guide you. Your dreams and inner messages lead you toward higher levels of understanding if you listen and use your judgement to interpret the messages of the subconscious. Not only will the path forward be revealed but in many cases you will learn things about yourself that will later be valuable. Trust your instincts.

The Moon may suggest a time when something isn’t as it appears and you need to find out what before it is too late. You may be idealizing the situation, and ignoring the fact that the risk of failure does exist. It may also suggest that you’re letting your imagination run wild and that things aren’t nearly as bad as they seem. In both cases, you have to open your eyes and see what’s really going on. Many of the previously unseen things are coming to the surface, such as hidden motives, information and old truths. These may confuse you but once they’re brought to the surface, they won’t haunt you anymore.

Another possibility is that you’re a bit lost, left in the dark, guided only by your intuition. You need to go on without a clear picture of where you are, where you’re going or where you’ve been.

Don’t try to force things, go with the flow and follow the cycles of your body and of Nature. If you’re waiting for a response from someone, it may take longer than you’ve expected, so be patient.

Herb of the week

Fennel is this week’s herb

Friday Happy Hour

This was something I came up with last week, and I did my first that Friday. Nobody showed, but that might be because I gave so short notice. The idea of Friday Happy Hour is that I talk about Tarot, runes, cartomancy, and divination in general. I answer questions, and I also do one card Tarot readings.

For the first couple of Friday Happy Hours, these readings will be on the house, because I want to see what it feels like. If it’s not too draining, they will continue being free of charge.

I’d love for you to stop by and talk to me. You’ll find the times posted on my witchy facebook page and twitter account before each session. You’ll want to follow those to find out when the next one is. You’ll find the links at the bottom of the page.

I hope it’s going to stay fun, so I can keep it going. I’m adjusting my business to be more fun and less work because I have a lot of things to
do, and I want time for other things too.

Facebook Fans Offer

I wanted to give something back to all of you who follow me on the facebook page. So I created an offer just for you. If you follow my facebook page (Tarot Readings, Runes, and Witchery), you will have access to full sized Tarot readings at a much lower price than the ordinary price. This isn’t a one-time deal. It’s a permanent price reduction for those who follow the page.

You’ll get $25 off the full spread Tarot email readings. The original price for one of those readings is $47. This means you get it for $22
instead of $47.

To get it, simply send me an email at with the link to your facebook profile, and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as
possible to talk about the details.

This can’t be combined with the one-time 50 % diskount you get when you sign up for the email list. It’s an exclusive offer for those who follow
my page, so I need to know who you are on facebook to verify that. In case someone who isn’t, gets hold of the link and tries to be sneaky.

This isn’t a marketing tactic, and I’m not saying I’m not worth the regular price. I really want you to have this.

Today’s prompt

Set up a small altar in your home that reminds you of your spiritual side. You don’t have to believe in a specific deity to do this. You can use your altar to display beautiful things, things and people you care about, things that remind you of the good things and bring you peace.

That’s it for me for today. Thanks for listening to the Witch in the Valley Podcast. The next episode will, among other things, be about how to make rune amulets. If you have any questions, just reach out to me at Remeber to rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


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