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3-Card Themed Tarot Readings

These are Tarot readings for specific themes, making it easier for you to pick the right one. If you’re looking for the ones themed for special occasions, look further down on the page.

They’re all $27

About getting an email reading

An email reading gives you several things you don’t get with a live reading:

  • You get it in writing, so you have it for later reference (it’s easier to go back and check)
  • You can take as much time as you want to read it and digest the information
  • We don’t have to negotiate to find a time to meet
  • The difference in time zones doesn’t matter
  • That we’re in different countries doesn’t matter

Is it as good as a live reading

I believe it is as useful and as accurate as a face to face reading. I’ve done many of these, and the results of the readings I’ve done via email has been just as good. I feel I get just a good a connection as if I’m face-to-face with the client.

Themed Tarot Readings

Missing piece reading

You’re feeling like something is blocking you from success, or something is missing in your business/life. This is an opportunity to find out what that is, without hours of searching for it.

Creative block reading

You’d love to be more creative, but something seems to be stopping you from doing that, and you don’t know what. This is your way to find out what that is, without spending a lot of time thinking about it.

Abundance reading

You want to increase the level of abundance in your life (and I’m not just talking about money here). Let me help you find a couple of ways to do that.

Pick your theme

Special Occasions

How can you find the perfect Halloween costume for you?

How can you make the holiday season survivable?

How can you get it done before the end of the year?

Or something else, but then you have to specify what

Pick your theme

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