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To make it cheaper, easier and more convenient for you to get more than one reading (whether it’s Tarot, runes or cartomancy) I’ve created some packages for you. There’s also a special November reading.

Pick the one that suits you best

It could be a package you buy to get readings for yourself or something you buy as a gift for a friend or loved one. We’re approaching the gift-giving season after all 🙂

If it’s for someone else, remember to add their name in a note when you order so I know that it’s already paid for when they get in touch.

3 Full Tarot Readings for $70

(Normal price per reading: $47)

3 Full Cartomancy Readings for $65

(Normal price per reading: $37)

3 Full Rune Readings for $60

(Normal price per reading: $37)

2 Tarot Readings using 3 cards for $30

(Normal price per reading: $27)

2 Cartomancy Readings using 3 cards for $30

(Normal price per reading: $27)

2 Rune Readings using 3 runes for $20

(Normal price per reading: $17)

The November Reading

November can be a strange time. It’s an in-between month where you’re in transition, either winding down or gearing up. This is a great time to have a Tarot reading. It can be a wrap-up reading for the year, for how you want to end the year, or a planning reading for what you want out of the coming year.

By ordering one of these, you agree to the terms of service. make sure you read those.

If you have any questions, contact me

Also, let me know if you would like me to create a different package or a different kind of reading

Just comment below


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