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Insight & Direction Tarot Reading

In an Insight & Direction Tarot Reading, the focus is on finding answers, guidance, insight, and direction for you, using Tarot.

This option is the best option if you have a complex question, if you want to look at a larger situation, or if you want to look at a longer period of time.

An Insight and Direction Reading can support you in:

Insight & Direction Reading
  • Finding your ideal clients/followers
  • Finding out what’s blocking you
  • Figuring out your strong points
  • Finding weaknesses
  • Finding out what kind of support you need

About getting an email reading
  • You get it in writing, so you have it for later reference (it’s easier to go back and check)
  • You can take as much time as you want to read it and digest the information
  • We don’t have to negotiate to find a time to meet
  • The difference in time zones doesn’t matter
  • That we’re in different countries doesn’t matter
Is it as good as a live reading?
I believe it is as useful and as accurate as a face to face reading. I’ve done many of these, and the results of the readings I’ve done via email has been just as good. I feel I get just a good a connection as if I’m face-to-face with you.
A reading can help you support you in
  • Deciding what coach to choose
  • Deciding what product to create
  • Figuring out what change you need to make
  • Deciding whether you should attend an event or not
  • Finding out why a client is stalling
  • Getting an idea of the outcome of a launch
Fill-in-the-blank questions

Should I chose ________ or _________ ?


Why is _________?

Am I on the right path for _________?

What do I need to _________?

Should I _________?

What should I focus on to _________?

Subjects I don't do readings on

NOTE! I do not read on the following subjects:


  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Disaster
  • Love

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