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Respiratory System

On this page, you’ll find some chosen recipes for preparations for the airways

Herbs for the Respiratory System

Nose ointment

1 tbsp crumbled Marjoram
1 tbsp 96 % alcohol
20 g (~0.7 oz) of soft butter

Mix Marjoram and alcohol, and let it sit covered over night. Filter and mix the sediment with the butter. Must be kept in the refrigerator. Use your finger to anoint your nostrils several times a day. Distribute it evenly by pressing your nostrils together.

Coughing II

1 tsp of Blueberry leaves
2 1⁄2 dl (~8.5 fl oz) of water

Pour boiling water over the leaves and let it sit for 10 minutes, strain. Drink 2-3 cups a day.

Coughing III

Place some fresh Oregano leaves in a pitcher and fill it with water, Let it stand in the refrigerator. Drink the water now and then.

Coughing and bronchitis

1 tsp of crushed Anise seeds
2 1⁄2 dl (~8.5 fl oz) of water

Pour the boiling water over the seeds, let it sit for 10 minutes, strain. Drink 1 cup 2-6 times a day, with honey if you like. Don't crush the seeds until you're going to use them.


1 tsp of Thyme
3 dl (~10.1 fl oz) of boiling water

Make an infusion. Cover and leave for 20 minutes, strain. Drink 3-4 times a day.

Tea against mouth cavity problems

2 tsp of finely cut Oak bark
2 1⁄2 dl (~8.5 fl oz) of water

Boil it for 5 minutes and then strain it. Drink 2 times a day.

Toothache I

Make an infusion from Lady's Mantle and use it as gurgle water.

Toothache II

Make a decoction from hips and use it as gurgle water.

Cough tea

To make a tea, use two teaspoons of dried Thyme per cup of boiling water and steep for ten minutes. Add Sage to the tea if you have a nagging cough.

Chickweed tea

To 1 tbsp dried herb, 2 if fresh, add 1 cup boiling water steep for 10 min. Take in 1⁄2 cup doses 2 to 4 times daily, during a cold or flu.

Tincture against mouth cavity infection

10 g (~0.35 oz) of coarsely cut Tormentil
100 ml (~3.4 fl oz) of 70 % alcohol

Leave for 5 days, shake often. Strain and filter, drink schnapps after meals.

Soothing drink for colds I

2 egg yolks
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of vinegar (5 % or 7 %)
1 tbsp of salad oil

Whisk the ingredients together and drink.

Soothing drink for colds II

3 egg yolks
3 tbsp full cream
1 glass of brandy
15 drops of purified turpentine (pharmacy)

Mix it all and take 1 tbsp of the drink every hour.
(Warning: Remember that purified turpentine is something completely different from regular turpentine. Make sure you get the right kind.)

Gurgle water, mouth rinse

2 1⁄2 tsp of Thyme
5 dl (~16.9 fl oz) of boiling water

Make an infusion which is allowed to sit for 15 minutes, strain.

Mouth water

3-6 drops of aroma oil in hot water. Tea tree oil is antibiotic, salt water is also effective. Sage oil and Sage decoction has a soothing, antiseptic effect. A mixture of Lemon, Myrrh and Sage oil makes a good gurgle mixture.

Tincture for colds

100 g (~3.5 oz) of crushed Juniper berries
5 dl (~16.9 fl oz) of 70 % alcohol

Leave for 2 weeks, stir now and then. Strain and filter. Rub it in.

Couching I

2 tsp of Basil
5 dl (~16.9 fl oz) of water

Make an infusion and drink 1 cup 2 times a day.

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