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Cuts & Wounds

On this page, you will find various recipes for cuts and injuries.

Herbs for Cuts & Wounds


2 tsp of Basil
5 dl (~16.9 fl oz) of water

Make an infusion and wash the wound carefully.

Bandage for cuts and boils

6 tbsp of dried Chamomile
1 l (~33.8 fl oz) of boiling water

Let it sit for 10 minutes. Use cotton for the wrapping and let it work for a couple of hours.

Antiseptic compress

1 tsp of Thyme
3 dl (~10.1 fl oz) of boiling water

Make an infusion. Cover and leave for 20 minutes, strain. Wet the compress and place it on the wound.


2 1⁄2 tsp of Thyme
5 dl (~16.9 fl oz) of boiling water

Let it sit for 15 minutes, strain.

Bruises and Sprains

  • Arnica in 6x strength for chock. One dose immediately and another one a half hour later.
  • You can use Arnica cream. Don't use this on open wounds.
  • Use Camphor ointment or home made Camphor oil on sore areas.
  • Use diluted apple cider vinegar on the wound and wet a piece of cloth to wrap around it.

Swelling, gout, inflammation without wound

Extract from Birch leaves, Mayweed, Juniper berries. Rub it on as an embrocation. This stings, so put a piece of cloth between it and the skin.

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