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Outside and Inside

A ‘separation of consciousness’ means that the consciousness is liberated from the outer world, from the everyday sense impressions – tastes, sounds, shapes, colors etc. – that constantly flow in, so that it turns in on itself. It’s this way the seer reaches into ‘the inner room’ and gets the chance to experience the strange states of consciousness that make it possible for the seer’s mind to move freely through time and space. It isn’t difficult to describe this separation and its real or imagined effects. The difficulty lies in achieving it. The problem is that even the smallest signals are so strangely amplified when you try to shut the mind’s outer impulses out from the sensory organs of the body.

Outside and Inside

If you, for example, sit completely still with your eyes closed in a room you’ve always regarded as the most peaceful in the house, it doesn’t take long until you find that the noise level in the ‘peaceful’ room, in reality, is very high. Off and on the floor boards creek. Creak? It sounds more like a firecracker exploding! While you wait for the next so-called creak and wonder if your house is about to be turned into an old abandoned mine shaft, you suddenly notice that the clock you inherited after your grandmother – the one you’ve always liked because of its nearly soundless ticking – now makes a sound like an insane borer beetle. It’s as if the brain reacts to the reduction of impulses by amplifying the ones it still receives.

The situation can be compared to what happens when you look yourself in the mirror before you go to an important meeting and suddenly diskover that you have a small blemish on your nose. You examine the blemish carefully. It’s not that big, no one’s going to notice that? But after you’ve examined it carefully and looked at it from all possible angles for a few minutes, it looks like it’s already grown perilously. It’s a serious flaw – at least that’s how your consciousness sees it. If you look yourself in the mirror long enough, your whole consciousness will be consumed by the blemish, and when you finally go to the meeting, you’ll be thoroughly convinced that all passers-by stare at it. You realize that the only way of getting the sit out of your head, is to ‘think of something else’, but the image of the disgusting blemish soon shows up in your consciousness again. The best you can do in such a situation is to bore your consciousness – for example to let it count your steps or the cracks in the sidewalk.

The psychics use a similar ‘boredom technique’ to shut out all the impulses that flow into the consciousness form the body’s sensory organs. He or she bores the mind, or more accurately the brain (which the mind works through in relation to the outer surroundings), by staring intensely at the object used – for example a crystal ball or black ink – with a brain that’s as ‘empty’ as possible. This is done to ‘restrict the activity of the brain’. You can say that a part of the brain takes a well-deserved break and that the mind takes command and starts to explore the brain – and maybe the future – on its own.

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