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Tarot and Symbol Scrying

Another method is to exchange the simple colored shapes of the tattwa for the images of the major arcana.

This actually is a very advanced form of symbol scrying that there’s every reason to take seriously. Yes, some experienced crystal gazers and symbol scryers claim that it’s very stupid and possibly dangerous to experiment with this technique before you’re able to open the astral doors by means of the simple or more complex geometric symbols.

Tarot and Symbol Scrying

It’s claimed that the danger arises at the moment the extremely complex symbols of the major arcana flow uncontrolled up into the mind. Their wealth of symbols is of such a nature that they can be overwhelming to an inexperienced seer and shut him or her out from the reality where we all have to live most of the time.

Finally, a small warning. Don’t place crystal balls where the sun can reach them, the crystal ball probably won’t break, but because they can also act like a burning glass, the surface they stand on or things in the immediate proximity can catch fire.

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