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Trees that are considered sacred

Oak, Alder, Willow (wishes), Hazel, Beech (health), Birch (protection for your children), and The Ash Yggdrasil.


  • Never damage a tree you use for magic.
  • Be careful.
  • Give an offering.
  • Never sleep under elder, the little people will give you nightmares or disease. Never take a leak under one, your behind will get skinned, never use it for furniture.
  • Don’t sleep under an oak because the lightning hits there.
  • If you dig up Hawthorne , you dig up ghosts.
  • Rowan always has to be self-sown.
  • Never keep rowan and juniper in the same house.
  • Don’t burn rowan or elder, it creates trouble.
  • Flying tree = tree that grows up in another tree.
    • Let the first you see be, never take all of it. Midsummer, Beltane, Christmas Day, Halloween, waxing moon on a Thursday, 14 days before Midsummer. Harvest with a silver boline and keep in white cloth
    • Can’t touch the ground.
    • Flying rowan and flying elder: Se invisible things, become invisible, win a lottery, protect your home, protection on journeys, for yourself, protection against hexes, persecution, bad karma, evil eye and misfortune.
  • Sit up against a tree and charge yourself.
  • If you give birth to a girl, plant a beech. If you give birth to a boy, plant an oak. As long as the tree grows, so does your family.
  • Take the first tooth that the child loses and put it in a cut in a powerful oak so that the child gets strong teeth.


Tie a cotton or silk ribbon around the left shoulder on a Thursday night. Sleep with the ribbon on. Go to an old elder the day after, after sunset.

Say: ‘Elder, I beg you to take ___ from me’. Then tie the ribbon around the stem and the disease is gone the next day. Works best if you’ve eaten elder flowers at midsummer.


Go to an oak with a self-grown hole in it the first Thursday after a full moon. Walk quietly through the hole from the east. Then go to the right of the tree and take a piece of the bark 3-9 times. Sleep with the pieces of bark under the pillow or use them as an amulet. Also works well with beech. Healing and refreshing.


Harvest at 0.00 on the midsummer night or a night with fog and a waxing moon. For treasure hunting and amulets. Take a year shoot and make a good Y-shape. The branch should be as thick as your little finger and the ‘Y’ should be 18 inches long. Mark it 4 times with:


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