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Planetary Hours

To determine the planet hour and day, the rotation or order of progression of planets is:

  1. Sun Sunday
  2. Venus Friday
  3. Mercury Wednesday
  4. Moon Monday
  5. Saturn Saturday
  6. Jupiter Thursday
  7. Mars Tuesday

The rule of order is the first hour of sunrise and repeats every 8th, 15th, and 22nd hour. Thus, if I wanted to construct a sword under the hour of Mercury each day, what would be the time of day I could work on the sword on Monday?

First, construct a chart for the planetary hours of Monday:

Planetary Hours – Monday

  1. Moon
  2. Saturn
  3. Jupiter
  4. Mars
  5. Sun
  6. Venus
  7. Mercury
  8. Moon
  9. Saturn


With this, it is easy to now determine that those hours would be the 7th hour, 14th, and 21st hours from Sunrise. Of course, the 14th hour of Sunrise is also the 2nd hour of Sunset. And the 21st hour of Sunrise is also the 9th hour of Sunset, but this counted as the next day when measured after midnight.

The day is therefore determined from Midnight to Midnight, while the planetary hours are determined from Sunrise to Sunset. Often one first determines what time of night the ritual is to occur before the day of the week is declared.

Planetary Hours

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