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Borea Ohion. The altar is placed in north part of the room. Mother of the winds.
Energy: Wisdom, change, decomposition, death, fertility, pregnancy, birth, body, the creating, things that grow, nature, all the phases of life, the seasons, greatness, wealth, money.
Smell: Honeysuckle
Images: Caves , ripe fields, forests, clay, good soil, grave-mounds, Low hill sides, autumn colors, wilted leaves, fruit, mountains, crystal, jewels, metal, the netherworld.
Tarot cards: Pentacles
Sign: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus.
Time: 0:00
Season: Winter
Color: Black, brown, green and white.
Accessories: Coins, flowers, fruit, berries, crystal, mirrors.
Spirits: Gnomes, dwarfs, king of the elves, elves, pixies, wood nymphs, trolls, mountain trolls, giants, bog lady, forest people, and the little people.
Sense: Touch
Jewel: Crystal , salt.
Incense: Cedar
Plants: Barley, rice, cedar, cypress, honeysuckle, jasmine, mandrake, mugwort, patchouli, fur tree, pine, sage, yarrow, fern, holly, creeping cinquefoil, broom
Trees: Oa k, Elder.
Animals: Cow, bull, bison, snake, red deer , spider.
Gods/Goddesses: Mother Earth, Hecate, Hel, Holle, Ymer, Nerthus, Freya, Idun, Ceres, Demeter, Pan.


Energy: Enlightenment, intellect, keenness, mental work, inspiration, consciousness, theory, sharp thoughts, movement, dance, lightness, wind and breath.
Smell: Lavender
Images: Wind swept landscapes, clouded heights, and birds in flight.
Tarot cards :Swords
Sign: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
Time: Dusk, dawn.
Season: Spring
Colors: Yellow, white, green.
Accessories: Sword, lit incense, essential oils.
Spirits: Air spirits, elves, fairy dance, and mist.
Sense: Smell
Jewel: Topaz
Incense: Lavender, sandal wood.
Plants: Lavender, anise, jasmine, broom, mistletoe, marjoram, yarrow.
Trees: Aspen, dwarf pine, hazel.
Animals: Birds (eagle), mosquitoes, butterflies.
Gods/Goddesses: Mercury, Thor, Odin, Urania, Arch angel Michael, Thot.


Zephyr, water, love, feelings.
Energy: Feelings, love, grief, courage, dreams, intuition, imagination, the subconscious, the hidden depths of the body, uterus, stomach, body fluids.
Smell: Roses
Images: Rivers, springs, the stormy and calm sea, heavy rain saturated clouds, rain, rippling creeks, fog, haze, deep water, the well to the inside of the earth.
Tarot cards: Cups
Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.
Time: Dusk when the bog lady’s brewing.
Season: Autumn
Colors: Blue, green, gray, indigo, black, the colors of the sea, the spring and the forest lake.
Accessories: Bowl, cup, vat, chalice, water, morning dew, oil.
Spirits: Water spirits, water sprite, strömkarl (water fairy that sits in waterfalls and plays music), nymphs, spring power, queen of the spring, the bog lady that brews in the netherworld.
Sense: Taste
Jewel: Aquamarine
Incense: Myrrh
Plants: Water lily, lily, lotus, seaweed, geranium, chamomile, myrrh, myrtle, orange flower, iris, rose, poppy, violet, ferns near water.
Trees: Willow, apple tree, ashe.
Animals: Fish, dragon, crocodile, snake, snails, dolphins, seals, walrus, worms, frogs.
Gods/Goddesses: Mariam, Marian, Marianne, Tiamat, Aphrodite, Isis, Mare, Ea, Neptune, Poseidon, Venus.


Notus, fire, change, passion.
Energy: Power, cleansing, renewal, warmth, light, will, action, strength, creativity, sexuality, development, degradation, the self.
Smells: Sharp smells, juniper.
Images: Volcanoes, lava, a light in your hand, flame, explosion, sun, and desert.
Tarot card :Wands
Sign: Leo, Sagittarius, Aires.
Time: 12:00
Season: Summer
Colors: Red, orange, gold, pink.
Accessories: Censer, wand, torch, bonfire, candles.
Spirits: Sun spirits which survive fire, spirits that like fireplaces and heat, the fairy hill on glowing poles, astral elements as f. ex. Black dogs, three-legged horses, animals with eyes like living coals, Dracula.
Sense: Sight
Plants: Nettle, garlic, hibiscus, mustard, onion, cayenne pepper, elder, angelica, cinnamon, basil, coriander, cloves, laurel, rosemary, holly, juniper, sea holly, saffron, perforated st. john’s wort, tobacco, thistle.
Trees: Blossoming almond, oak, rowan.
Animals: Fire breathing dragon, lion, horse.
Gods/Goddesses: Agni, Ram, Vulcan, Birgitta, Vesta, Hel.


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