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Magic Wand

Wands have been used as tools since man was able to break off a branch. They’re as old as magic it self.

When a wand is stretched out from your arm, it’s magically stretched out from your will. It can be used to direct energy and reinforce power, or it can help you to cast your circle, draw magic symbols, or stir in a cauldron.

The traditional wand is a single branch of oak, willow or hazel and as long as the distance from the inside of your elbow to the end of the middle finger. It’s best to cut your wand on a Wednesday, Mercury’s day. Even though a simple branch is traditional, many witches have wands of multiple woods and crystals that reflect either personal energy or the intent the wand is being used for.

Personal Energy

There are hundreds of ways to design a wand that reflects personal energy. Here are some ideas:

Make a wand where you use your star sign. For example, if Cancer is your star sign: Make the wand from willow, a tree that has the favor of the Moon, Cancer’s planet. Paint it silver or gray, Cancer’s colors, or paint the Cancer symbol on your wand with a silver color. Put on some Cancer-stones as pearl or moonstone. Because Cancer is a water sign, you can wrap the wand in watery colors like blue and green, or put on charms of fish and crabs.

You can also use your Chinese birth year. For example if you were born in the year of the rabbit: The rabbit is associated with the Chinese element wood, so you can use any wood you want. Green is the color of the rabbit, so tie your wand with green leather straps or ribbons. It’s said that you’ll be especially lucky if you use the color green together with red. Tie a strip of rabbit fur around the wand, or hang rabbit symbols from the ribbons.


The best with making a wand for a specific intent is that the spell starts when you start to gather materials and prepare yourself for it. Keep your magical goal firmly in mind as you start to make it, and the wand will have a tremendous power when you’re ready to use it.

Take a branch from the ground or from a tree. If you take a living branch, remember to ask permission from the owner before you take it. Then bring the wand home and polish it, start with a medium coarse sandpaper and finish with a fine one. If you focus your attention on its magical use, it’ll fill your wand with power. When it’s polished, you can gouge out one end with a small knife, and glue in a quartz crystal tip. Quartz crystals help to focus energy. Some witches put an acorn or a pine cone on top instead of the crystal.

The last step is to dedicate the wand. Many witches add a drop of their own blood in the wand. Menstrual blood is said to be very powerful. (This part is absolutely not necessary). Consecrate it by letting it pass through the smoke from incense and the flame of a burning candle, to give it power. Drip a few drops of holy water (or anointing oil) on your wand and sprinkle a few grains of salt on it, to strengthen it and deepen its magic. If you’ve found a name for it, you give it the name now. Finally, you hold the wand against solar plexus, the will chakra, and give it power.

Wands are powerful tools. Made with good intent from the work of your own hands, they can make powerful magic.

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