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Planning Your Magic Powder

What will this powder be used for? Is this a one-time situation, or will you want to make a larger batch of powder to use for several things (such as spiritual cleansing powder)? Do you have time to order special ingredients, or do you need to make the powder right away? If so, what ingredients can you substitute for those you do not have?

Planning Your Magic Powder

Do you want to add a “signature” ingredient? Some magical practitioners add a signature ingredient, something that encompasses their essence and melds the powder to their energy field or vibration. For example, I always add a little ground silver to all my powders, as that is my signature ingredient.

Depending on the use of the powder, what moon phase, day, or planetary hour would be appropriate to make what powder?

Do you wish to add the particular energies of a deity, totem animal, or element to the essence of the powder? If so, what correspondences go well with that deity, totem animal, element, or Spirit?

Do you want to employ the energies of a magical alphabet or the powers of the rune symbols to the activation of your powder? If so, will the rune spirits be comfy with any other energies you may wish to use?

Along with these decisions, you might want to write a specific charm or ritual designed for your magical powder development and subsequent application.

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