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Foot bath

  • Cedar oil - soothing for sore feet
  • Epsom salt - helps tired, aching feet
  • Lavender - helps sweating (mixed with rosemary) and tired, aching feet
  • Apple cider vinegar - Regular foot baths with 1 part vinegar and 8 parts water removes smell.

Start by putting your feet in a bath with 5-10 drops of aroma oil in 3 l of water. Rest for 15 minutes. Rub hard areas and dead skin with a pumice stone or a brush. Massage the top of your feet and kneed the underside to relieve tensions and help the circulation.

Athlete's foot

Dry thoroughly between the toes, walk barefoot as often as possible and avoid nylons and tight shoes. Apply tea tree oil morning and night.

Tired feet

If your feet get tired when you're walking, put some ferns in your shoes. Form what old wife's remedies say, it should help.

Foot talcum

If you use a natural powder after you've taken a bath, the shoes won't chafe as much. This powder is especially effective when it's hot outside.

1 1⁄2 dl (~5.1 fl oz) of talcum powder
2 tbsp of pulverized boric acid
1 1⁄2 dl (~5.1 fl oz) of corn flour
1⁄2 tsp of Peppermint extract
1 tsp of alcohol

Cold feet

Some cayenne pepper in your socks makes the feet feel warm soon. If you want to make a foot powder to use outdoors, just add something neutralizing, for example pulverized fuller's earth or talcum powder.

Herbs for the feet

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