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Lavender perfume

15 g (~0.53 oz.) of dried Lavender flowers
1 1⁄2 l (~50.7 fl oz) of 70 % alcohol

Store for 6 weeks, filter and fill in small bottles.

Aromatic deodorant

If you dilute an aroma oil with Almond or Wheat germ oil, you get a mild agent, which you can use as a deodorant or a perfume. 5 drops of aroma oil to 1 1⁄4 dl (~4.2 fl oz) of oil or water.


1 tbsp of Rose water
30 drops of Geranium oil
30 drops of Lavender oil
1 1⁄4 dl (~4.2 fl oz) of Witch Hazel water
2 1⁄2 dl (~8.5 fl oz) of water

Mix well and store in an airtight bottle.

Deodorant with Witch Hazel

1⁄2 tsp of Rosemary
1⁄2 tsp of Lavender
1 1⁄4 dl (~4.2 fl oz) of Witch Hazel
1 1⁄2 dl (~5.1 fl oz) of water

Mix, leave it for 5 days and then sift off the herbs. Can also be used as a hair wash for dandruff.

Hungarian (from the 12th century)

1⁄2 l (~16.9 fl oz) of vodka
30 drops of Rosemary oil
12 drops of Lemon oil
5 drops of Rose oil
5 drops of Orange blossom oil
4 drops of Lemon Balm oil
1 drop of Peppermint oil

Pour the vodka into a dark glass bottle. Add the oils with a with pipette and shake well. Leave it for one week before you use it.


Rondolet was one of the most popular eau de colognes in the 17'^th^' century.

1⁄2 l (~16.9 fl oz) of vodka
25 drops of Lavender oil
10 drops of Clove oil
10 drops of Bergamot oil
2 drops of Vanilla oil
2 drops of Rose oil
4 drops of Sage oil

Mix it the same way as in the previous recipe.


Hoven was also among the more popular scented waters in the 17 th century. Oscar Wilde, among others, has described it and said that it drives the men mad.

1⁄2 l (~16.9 fl oz) of vodka
24 drops of Lemon oil
2 drops of Neroli oil
4 drops of Clove oil
8 drops of Rose oil

Prepare it the same way as the previous two.

Perfume Recipes

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