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The Witch in the Valley Podcast - How to make rune amuletsIn this episode I’ll talk about how you can make rune amulets, the outcome of one of my rune readings, the upcoming full moon, Rue, and I’m going to give you a prompt, something you can do easily and in a short amount of time, to get some magic into your day.

Caution and Disclaimer

A small caution. If you’re sensitive to language, I must warn you that the occasional swear word might slip through the cracks when I edit.

  • I do not give medical advice
  • I am not promising a cure for any illness
  • I am not telling you to replace conventional medication. Remember
    that this is about magic and not physics, chemistry or something similar.
  • Any and all parts that contain information about herbs and remedies is only of historical interest.
  • Any use of this information is entirely your own responsibility and at your own risk.
  • I do not guarantee the function of any of the recipes or instructions.

Show Notes

How to make rune amulets

This week, I’m going to show you how to create your first amulet. First choose your purpose; what will this amulet be for/against? Some examples of common purposes are:

  • For love (in general, not specific)
  • For happiness
  • For protection
  • For luck
  • For money
  • Against arguments
  • Against negativity
  • To stop smoking

For most, it’s probably easier to start using single runes, based on their individual meanings. There are several futharks to choose from, but you should stick to one. Don’t mix them. The one most people are familiar with is the 24-rune Elder Futhark.

For the meanings of the runes in this futhark, you can go to the rune page on The Witch’s Library.

When you’ve chosen your rune, find something you can put it on. This could really be anything you have handy; paper, clay, wood, and item etc. It should be something that you can easily keep with you for a period of time, in your pocket, in your purse, around your neck or something like that. It doesn’t’ have to be any particular material, size or form. An amulet for prosperity could, for example, be a Fé rune carved or drawn on, for example, a Chestnut.

After that, you choose your method for drawing the symbol, as this depends on what material you’ve chosen. The methods I’ve used have ranged from using a marker to using a soldering pen to burn it into the wood.

If you don’t feel like doing one yourself, I do have amulets in my web shop. I’ll share the link below.

If you do create one, show it to me when you’re done 🙂 Keep it with you until you don’t need it anymore, and then diskard it by burying it, burning it or sending it downstream.

Herb of the week: Rue

Her future and otherworldly contact

This is a rune reading I did for a client a while ago. It was two separate questions so I did to separate readings. I then did a full rune cast to get an overview and to see if any other details appeared.

The question was: What will I be doing in six months, and who is trying to contact me from the other side.

The interpretation I had for her was When it comes to what you’ll be doing in 6 months, it seems to be related to some kind of prosperity (emotional, material or spiritual) which you’re unable to enjoy. It does lead to new insight about what you need to do to be happy. Patience and persistence will lead to progress and a new beginning. It’s possible that you have to do something different to get this started.

You may be forced to give something up to get what you want. Just be careful so you don’t give too much. You have to work to maintain a balance
between the mundane and the spiritual. This effort will produce results, but it’s possible that you’ll have to wait longer than 6 months for that.

As for who is trying to contact you from the other side, it seems that most of that information is hidden. This individual is in some way related to soil or minerals. He or she is in transition and experiencing a lack of communication with the divine. This person needs to get out of a destructive pattern to be able to transcend. I also got something about some kind of message or information.

This person may have something important to tell you. Something that will lead to something positive, progress in one way or another. To get this message, you will need to be persistent and patient. The communication with this person will give you something you need. But don’t give more than you can afford in exchange.

Have you ever had any paranormal contact? If so, do you know what it was and why it contacted you?

Upcoming Full Moon

On Saturday, August 29th there will be a Full Moon. This phase happens at 20:35 CET, which is 2:35 pm EST.

The Full Moon is when you’re able to see the entire face of the Moon, when it is more elliptical than round. Many Pagans include the day before and the day after the actual Full Moon in the term ‘Full Moon’. Some say you can do Full Moon magic three days prior to and after the actual full moon. Others believe it has to begin or be in progress during the hour of the Full Moon.

During this phase, the Moon’s energy is at its peak. This is the best time to consecrate tools, charge objects, work to bring something to you, and to raise energy.

Any spell can be cast during the Full Moon, but it’s a particularly good time for rituals focused on personal growth, spiritual development,
developing magical skills, increasing intuitive awareness, protection, divination, and healing. Any working that needs extra power, like getting help finding a new job or healing for serious conditions, can be done now. Also workings for love, knowledge, legal matters, money, and dreams.

You can connect with your deity/deities, such as Drawing Down the Moon. You can charge Moon Water (this can later be
used to water plants, make offerings, or to do spell work) other items, or tools, make a moon braid etc.

Full Moons used to have their own name, connected to what usually happened at that time of year. Some modern Pagans have chosen to bring this
tradition back. This particular Moon was called the Barley Moon or Corn Moon, depending on the harvest being done in that area.

This is a good time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. It’s the time to harvest what you can, preserve it and put it aside for later use.

Weekly Tarot Forecast

I’m going to stop doing the weekly Tarot forecast because it’s adding too much work to my already huge workload. I might do monthly cards, I haven’t
quite decided that yet. So that’s why there’s no weekly Tarot forecast in this podcast.

Today’s prompt: What’s your favorite herb? Find out what it can be used for but make sure to use good sources of info

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That’s it for me for today. Thanks for listening to the Witch in the Valley Podcast. The next episode will, among other things, be about what to
do when you have no time for spirituality. If you have any questions, just reach out to me at Remeber to rate and subscribe
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