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The Witch’s Library has some bills coming up and I, as the only one who pays them, am in a shitty financial situation. So your support is very much needed and so very appreciated.

There are many ways to support the website, not only financially. I’ll list some of them and you pick the one that calls you.

How you can help The Witch’s Library

How you can help The Witch’s Library

  • Make a donation via Paypal by clicking the piggybank, or contact me for other options.
  • Share the content that’s available here to bring more visitors.
  • Talk to like-minded and/or witch friends about it (word of mouth is the best).
  • Click the ads
  • Suggest new content
  • Contribute articles or blog posts that fit the content of the site

Add money the piggy bank to support the Witch's Library

The Witch’s Library has been around since I wrote the first version of the site in Notepad in 2003. Since then, we’ve gone through some platform and design changes. More info has been added and that will continue. I will not let this financial hole stop me from providing you with this information. I will add more to it, and you’re welcome to send things too.

If you’re able to help support the site, I will be very grateful.

When I have the finances to do so, I will send am item as thanks to those who help through donations.

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