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Dedication and Protection of an Infant

Dedication and protection of an infant | Naming | PaganingWiccaning | Self-Dedication
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On the first night after a baby is born or the same night that the birth takes place, the mother or father (or the midwife, if she is a close friend or relative) should take the infant out under the stars. The child should first be held up to the heavens, saying:

‘O Lady of the Starry Heavens, Wise All-Father,
Behold this lively child (name).
Conceived and brought forth in love.

Bless and protect him/her
And grant the gifts of wisdom,
Inspiration, and wonder.’

Place the child on the ground briefly, saying:

‘Hail Earth, Mother of All.
This is my infant, my love
And my jewel.

Bless and protect him/her,
Granting your enduring and eternal strength and steadfastness.

May he/she ever have a spirit
That seeks the stars,
And roots deep within
Thy loving breast.’

One should then clasp the child close and look about for a few minutes, for those who are gifted with second sight are often able at this time to see prophesies for the child or the mother.

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