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Some people like to write their spells or write in their BOS with special inks. These can be purchased or you can make them. (You’ll need a nib pen or something similar.)

To make a Magical ink you crush the herbs you are going to use and place them in a jar (You don’t have to use exact measurements), add red wine or Vodka to cover the herbs plus 1cm. Red Wine will help to add to the color of the ink, and some like to add coffee and tea to help give color.

Leave this for 2 weeks. You can add food coloring to make colored inks, and rose/Lavender or other floral water to make scented ink if you wish.


Of course the ‘Bat’s Blood’ etc. names are just names, the ink doesn’t contain blood at all. Having said that, some religions (like Voodoo) do use blood as ink. But from a Wiccan point of view, this is wrong, as you are killing animals, which many Pagans believe is as wrong as killing a person.

You don’t have to use exact quantities, you can estimate the amounts. Use a big jar with a sealable lid. To this add 1 bottle of cheap red wine (The quality doesn’t matter for ink making). This leaves a wine smell, which you can cover up with Rose water or another floral water if you wish. But it also adds a red color, which I like.

Some people use Vodka instead of wine so that they don’t make a reddish ink (If they want to make green or something) and it doesn’t leave a red wine smell. Add about ¼ cup of coffee grounds and about ¼ of tea leaves in to help add color. These will give a brown color and also add to the smell.

Add about 5 crushed cinnamon sticks, about ¼ cup of cloves, about 1 tablespoon of turmeric (For a yellow color), about a teaspoon of frankincense granules, about a teaspoon of dragon’s blood powder, about 1/8 cup of cracked black pepper and any other herbs you feel like adding.

Leave this for about a week, stirring occasionally. Strain it into smaller jars and add different food colors to each jar. As much as you think it needs to make a good ink. Keep this in the fridge, to help preserve it.

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