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Mixing Stock Bottles

The mother essence is rarely used by itself but is diluted to the stock potency or medicine (dosage) bottle potency. To make a stock bottle, you need:

  • One ounce eyedropper bottles, preferably dark colored. Sterilize all bottles!
  • A mixture of 1 part brandy, 3 parts water (spring or distillled) for the inert carrier substance.
  • 2 to 7 drops of the mother essence.

Put an ounce of the brandy/water in the bottle and add 2 to 7 drops of the mother essence. The exact number of drops is not too important, though some people love to argue about it. The bottle should be shaken in your hands for a minute or two (or until it “feels” done) to give potency to the stock bottle. This “dilute and shake” technique is more or less the standard method in homeopathy for give potency to a remedy.

Mixing Stock Bottles

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