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Rune Spells

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This is a collection of rune symbols and rune spells, including some Icelandic staves. I’ve built this collection since 1994 but unfortunately, I don’t have all sources listed on the Sources page. This is because the Swedish libraries don’t want to provide me with the list of books I borrowed when I was living there.

Aron’s shield

Sign of protection carved on brown coal

Wish Galdr

Only for good wishes. Paint in the hand width blood

Sign of Life

Carve on Silver Spruce.

Protection against curses etc.

Hang on leather strap around the neck

Protection against what moves around you

Paint on Oak width blood

Thor’s Hammer

Protection against black magic Carve on copper from three church bells and temper in blood at Whitsunday mass

For good fishing


Ghost galdr Hold it to see the hidden

King Solomon’s seal

Protection and pleasant dreams Carve on brown coal

Markus’ seal

Against all diseases (The numbers around it only show the number of lines required. They’re not supposed to be there.)

Kayam’s seal

Against pain, disease, magic, accidents. The following spell goes width it:

‘Christ sat in front of the church door, torch in hand, the blessed child, and book in the other.
<< Why do you grieve my son>> said blessed Virgin Mary.
<<I am wounded and sick>> said Lord Jesus.
<<I shall heal you from foot-pains, hand-pains, regret-pain and brain-pain and the worst pain of all >>
His illness disappeared.
Anyone who keeps this prayer shall be rid of their illness.’

Sæmund the learned/good’s lucky knot

Against an enemy

Write in the hand

Opens locks

(There’s a spell that goes width it, but it has been lost.)

Aron’s broom

Chases evil away Paint on virgin skin width virgin blood. Aron’s Broom is used width this spell against a bjära (A’bjära’ was a kind of ball that the witches sent out to milk the farmer’s cows, steal cream, cheese etc. When the mission was accomplished the ‘bjära’ returned back to the witch and puked up the milk for the witch, like a pellet. That makes it an interesting coincidence that the word I know for this in Swedish is ‘puke’. The pronunciation isn’t the same, but the spelling is:

‘Devils spirit, cunning, gray,
flies width mosquitoes in the sky,
wounded, crushed, beaten
the dark sinks and is slit open,

filled width magic tapeworm
burn you and pine width war,
over swarmed, poor thing,
cut, slashed and scratched.
Now he’s bound,
Forced and rejected, bound

by the shackles of the Fenris Wolf,
poor creature, twisted,
tormented, as the soil grows
and the hatred rises in the fjord.’

The troll-staff kvennagaldur

Makes a woman love someone

Uncover a thief

Enchant a woman

Rune B is carried under the right heal and has a spell: ‘May you not be able to sit anywhere,
May you not feel comfortable anywhere,
If you don’t love me.
This I ask of Odin.’



Amulet for wealth

Carve in stone



To win love

Against suffering and danger

Rotas Cross

Carve in brown coal. Against black magic and evil spirits. The side width the sign is pointed at/pressed against the object.

The large dream sign

Carve on silver or white leather on a midsummer night. Sleep on it and dream of what you wish for when the sun is at its lowest point.

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