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Linda, in handwriting

Can you make art from fabric scraps?

In this art challenge, I’ll be doing my best to make a painting out of fabric scraps. Why not join me 🙂

My Crazy Summer

I’ve been away a bit longer than planned and this video explains it. This summer’s staycation brought both good and bad. The bad ending up extending my time off by just over 3 weeks. If you want to know what happened, watch this video. I included some of the photos I took this summer for you. 

Want to know what I did this summer?

I’m back after my July staycation and I must admit it’s been more than a month since I drew or painted anything. I simply haven’t had the energy. There have been too many other things

Make Art Not War – Top 5 Popular Students-Artists

“Make art not war”- is a quote from an artwork that many of us have seen. This famous piece was created by Patrick Brill (also known as Bob and Roberta Smith) in 1997. However, how many of you have thought about the message transmitted through this work?

Went back to the Viking Age for a Weekend

Lilith and I spent the Midsummer weekend at the Trondheim Viking Market, one of the few events I go to each year. These are a few of the photos I took while we were there

I Wish there was a creative group here, maybe I’ll start one

Is there a group for your interests or passions where you live? There isn’t one for me here and I really wish there was

Had a wonderful weekend at a great place

All of the long weekend, I was with a large bunch of good friends at this house in the middle of Norway called Idavollen Tingsted.

Can you make art from cracks

In this art challenge, I’ll be turning 3 different cracks into paintings. Why not join me 🙂 I’ve added one for you too.
The idea came from Carla Sonheim who shares sidewalk cracks with her audience to create art from.

Art and Creativity Books on my Bookshelf

I don’t have that many books on art and creativity but I do have a few. So I thought I’d show you the ones I have today. The crafts books will have to wait until another day 😀

Summer is when I get to see my friends + A tip for you

It’s very hot here and I got some annoying news today so I didn’t have the spoons for a longer video but I wanted to give you a little life tip/creativity tip related to this summer

An Acrylic Painting of a Bird in Random Colors

Today, I’ve been painting layers of acrylics over a picture I transferred onto a canvas panel. I picked colours more or less at random as a challenge to myself. And I made a video of the process. You can watch the video right here

Meet the Little People of Scandinavian Folklore

In Nordic folklore, you’ll find the wights in several varieties. Both wights related to farms, land and sea as well as forests. Most describe them as small creatures that look like ordinary people and live in underground societies.

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