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Linda, in handwriting

7 Tips to Improve Your Creativity Practice

You are a unique individual. There will never be anyone in the world like you. How does that make you feel? You don’t have to copy what other people are doing. The world needs people who embrace their creativity.

Painting 3 Unicorns in watercolor to test

To test what works best for me (and what looks best), I’m making three different versions of a unicorn painting in watercolor.

Why I am Forced to Make Changes

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been less consistent with my videos lately, this video will explain why

Have a lovely Solstice!

Have a wonderful Winter Solstice. No matter how, when, where or if you celebrate it

A drawing inspired by emojis

For this art challenge, I’m going to try the emoji challenge. Most people who do this create characters but I’ll be creating a still life drawing. Why not join me 🙂

Watercolor and Ink – Disaster or Not?

Today, I’m doing an experiment using watercolor and ink together in a wet-in-wet painting. Just to see how they behave together.

When Perfectionism Hinders Creativity

How many times have you wondered, “would I be successful if my outcomes are not perfect?” and how many times have you criticized yourself for not being enough? Perfectionism can kill self-esteem in a hot second

Simplified Watercolour Landscape

This video shows me trying to simplify a mountain landscape by painting only the shadows. Well, for the most part 😀

Keep creating and lift yourself up

This time of year is hard when it comes to pain and energy, so I try to keep creating to hold myself up. My best tip to you is

10 Psychological Tricks that Will Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is a highly valuable trait that allows us to spice up our lives. A creative person will hardly ever get bored; he or she will solve his problems quickly and will dream a lot of interesting concepts that can bring a lot of value to their life.

Work in progress (well painting series in progress) – a sketch of a Raven

This week,  I published a video on Youtube showing the process for one of my folklore sketches – The Night Raven. I’ll be creating a separate video about the folklore part of this.

Can you make art from fabric scraps?

In this art challenge, I’ll be doing my best to make a painting out of fabric scraps. Why not join me 🙂

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