Virtual Cup of Tea

    • To make sure we fit and enjoy each other’s company
    • To make sure I can help you
    • To get to know me (and so I can get to know you)

Have a virtual cup of tea with me

This virtual cup of tea may be all you need to get moving, because if I can help you I will, or you may choose to work with me, but it will be your choice. This is not a discovery call or strategy session meant to sell you a high-ticket program or package. I’m not a coach, and I don’t use cookie-cutters, except when I’m baking.

If you ask me to, I will suggest something that will help you, but there will be no pushy pitching. We’ll be chatting to get to know each other and find a first action to start you off.

This is a gift from me to you. I want you to take your first step towards owning your self-expression again.

Plus I’d love to get to know you 🙂

Pick your time below right now

Cups of tea

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I look forward to our chat

Linda, in handwriting

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